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Last Updated : March 26, 2023

Aaron Gilchrist Wiki, Age, NBC, Married, Wife/Husband, Facts

Aaron Gilchrist, the anchor and correspondent for NBC News Now, has won two Emmys for his work in journalism. He used to co-anchor NBC4’s morning show, News4 Today.

Aaron and His Gay Partner: Married Yet?

Once Gilchrist was spotted wearing a ring on his wedding ring finger, rumors began spreading about his marital status.

His name started showing up on the popular wedding registry website The Knot not long after such gigs. The website announced the newscaster’s wedding to Marcellius Banks on October 12, 2019, which took place in the nation’s capital.

Even though the wedding registration strongly suggested that the newscaster was married, the truth wasn’t confirmed until the anchor brought it up.

One of Aaron’s Instagram followers noticed the ring on his finger in a post the famous anchor made on October 18, 2019, and questioned him about when he got married. Fortunately, Gilchrist wrote back and said he had tied the knot the previous weekend.

Aaron Gilchrist wearing his wedding ring for the first time [Photo: Instagram]

The wedding registry date of October 12th was a Saturday, so his assertion was accurate. The trending newscaster did not, however, reveal his partner’s identity. 

Marcellius Banks [Photo: Pinterest]

Marcellius works for Blake Real Estate as a Building Manager in the nation’s capital. At Public Consulting Group, he works as a Data Analyst II. In 2021, the Building Manager is expected to have a net worth of about $150,000. His life partner, Aaron, is currently worth almost $2 million. He becomes so wealthy as a result of his distinguished work as a journalist.

There is no news on the internet if the gay couple has any children yet.

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Does the Newscaster Have a “Work Wife” Named Eun Yang?

You’ve seen Gilchrist and Eun Yang together if you’ve seen him on TV at all. For the better part of a decade, the two hosted the number one morning newscast on News4 Today.

The co-anchors have proven to be a hardworking team and genuine friends. Aaron`s feelings for Yang are so strong that he has referred to her as his “work wife” in several online profiles. The reporter moved to NBC News Now from NBC Washington in November 2020.

The famous anchor tweeted his love for Washington and his coworkers at NBC as a goodbye gesture. The hardworking newscaster also shared several images with his coworkers on Instagram, the most recent of which was a selfie with the remark,

“Thanks for the memories!”

His “work-wife” posted a tearful emoji and the comment,

“Don’t forget your favourite co-anchor!”

Family Background

On April 17, 1983, the famously handsome anchorperson was born into this world in Richmond, Virginia. His parents raised him in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States of America. Aaron is a citizen of the United States. His mother is named Valerie Rodney, but we don’t know much else about him or his family. The anchor also hasn’t shared much about himself, posting only photos of his mother.

On Mother’s Day, Aaron Gilchrist posted a photo on Instagram with his mother Valerie Rodney.

Education Background

Gilchrist is an educated man, and his academic credentials have served him well throughout his life, notably in his professional endeavors. Aaron attended Richmond Community High School for his senior year of high school.

Subsequently, the former NBC4 anchor attended Virginia Commonwealth University to get a degree in journalism and emerged with a major in Mass Communication and Media Studies. Aaron was also a professor at the university, where he lectured on journalism.


In March 2010, he became a weekend news anchor for WRC NBC4. Throughout his nearly ten years as NBC4’s morning news anchor, Aaron worked at the station for more than two. The newscaster was frequently on the air with local political news, had dozens of public appearances for NBC4, and edited the book “Inequality in America.” The trending newscaster departed in January 2021 to take a job as an anchor for NBC News.

After completing his studies at VCU, he began working for WWBT and NBC12 Raycom Media in Richmond, VA, where he remained for six years and two months. Two of Aaron’s Emmys came from his time at NBC 4, where he also worked.

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Other Facts About Aaron Gilchrist

  • From the beginning, Aaron Gilchrist was adamant about pursuing a career as a journalist.
  • As a freshman, he began working as an editor at the NBC station in Richmond because he wanted a part-time job while he was just 19 years old.
  • He began working at the school district’s public information office, ran a TV station, and created a few shows on what was going on at school a couple of days a week. He learned how to look at the camera, and this is where he discovered the fundamentals of broadcast performance.
  • His social media accounts are mostly filled with pictures of Eun Yang, and they refer to themselves as “Partner in Crime.”

Aaron Gilchrist and his team win an Emmy Award for the second time.


What is the Emmy Awards winner Aaron’s Net Worth?

Emmy winner Aaron’s net worth is an estimated $3–5 million.

What are the height and weight of Aaron Gilchrist?

The former NBC4 reporter is 5 feet, 7 inches tall (1.74 m), although his weight is still unknown.

What is Gilchrist’s zodiac sign?

His astrological sign is Aries.

How old is the well-known journalist?

As of 2023, Aaron is 43 years old.

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