The SOSCAST host Adam Sosnick: Net Worth, Family, and Bio

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

The SOSCAST host Adam Sosnick [Photo: Instagram/sostalksmoney]

Adam Sosnick is a professional financial expert who started his journey from humble beginnings. The skilled networker has achieved his dreams through years of hard work and dedication.

He currently works as a podcast host at Valuetainment Media. Learn more about his upbringing, family background, relationship, and personal life.

Adam Sosnick’s Net Worth

The American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor has made a name for himself in business and finance.

Over the years, he has been able to accumulate a tremendous amount of wealth through business dealings and successful investments.

His hustle as a podcast host also contributes to his overall net worth. According to GeekTime, a podcaster can earn up to $30 million annually.

So, given his expertise and experience, the investor must invest around a similar amount through advertising and affiliate marketing through his videos.

However, despite his immense success, Socnick is renowned for being a humble man who prefers to enjoy a simple life than a lavish one.

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Adam Sosnick’s Family Background

The entrepreneur began his inspirational journey at a young age when he had to face adversities regarding financial difficulties.

Born his father, Marty Sosnick, and his mother, Mariann Greene, the financial expert grew up in Miami, Florida. He also has a sister named Jennifer Lauren Fain, a married woman.

He occasionally features her on his social media. For instance, he featured a picture of them on his Instagram and wished her a happy birthday.

The Financial Expert With His Sister And Mother [Photo: Adam Sosnick’s Facebook ]

The investor’s parents were divorced. Over the years, Mariann has been celebrating her anniversary with her partner Alan.

She has shared the joyful moment on Facebook, which received numerous well wishes from her friends and family.

Besides, Adam Sosnick’s father was a disabled businessman who employed mentally disabled individuals. Unfortunately, Marty passed away on October 10, 2019.

His family primarily relied on Disability Insurance, which led Sosnick to realize the value of money and hard work at an early age.

Marty was from Detroit, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan. At the same time, Sosnick’s mother is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The investor’s mom attended the Minneapolis Southwest High School and worked as a Medical Receptionist.

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From Rags to Riches

Despite belonging to a family with a poor financial background, the investor did not quit and strived to achieve his dreams and goals.

He excelled in schools and sports, leading him to land a scholarship in Miami’s top private high schools. This had exposed him to the affluent side of society.

Further, he was a good player in basketball and football. The financial expert was even a final cut away from the NBA Summer League Roster.

Nonetheless, his connection to sports paved his way and was crucial to his success.

The Podcast Host Had Humble Beginnings [Photo: Adam Sosnick’s Instagram]

Besides, before hitting big in finance, Sosnick worked numerous jobs in his twenties, such as party promoter, sports agent, substitute teacher, and hotel manager.

Eventually, he got an entry-level job as a cold cooler at a financial firm. After years of hard work, he was promoted to VP of sales.

Moreover, after the setbacks of the 2008 Great Recession, he realized the importance of saving money. The host also realized he was among the few who understood money and financial markets.

He even started the show Sos Talks Money to help young people understand how to generate more money. Additionally, he incorporated some of his high-profile friends to show how spending money is not cool and that investing is a better idea.

Adam Sosnick’s Girlfriend

As of this writing, the internet personality has not revealed his partner to his fans and followers. Additionally, the financial expert has not commented on his previous relationship and dating life.

So, it seems like the podcast host is currently single. On the other hand, it could also mean that Sosnick has preferred to keep his love life away from the limelight.

Thus, it is up to Sosnick himself to reveal details regarding his relationship and personal life in the coming days.