Alan Thicke [Actor] Facts: Age, Birthday, Wife, Son

Last Updated : September 27, 2021

Quick Info→Born: March 1, 1947Died: December 13, 2016
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The Growing Pains star Alan Thicke was wished a Happy Heavenly Birthday on March 1st, 2021, from his beautiful wife Tanya, even after 5 years of his demise.

Alan Thicke‘s Marital History

Following Alan’s sudden death, because of a heart attack, ET online paid their tribute to the late actor by publishing a Look Back to Alan and Tanya’s love story and their wedding.

Alan Thicke had three marriages, two of which didn’t last long. He was among the blessed who had the chance to be with the love of his life on the day he died.

In 1970, the late actor Alan Thicke married his first wife Days Of Our Life actress Gloria Loring with whom he had two sons, Brennan and Robin. The two were married for 14 years and according to Loring, Alan was a loving father and a devoted family man.

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After their divorce in 1984, the late actor married model Gina Tolleson, with whom he was together for 5 years. Tolleson is the mother of Alan’s youngest son, Carter, who was with him on his last day.

As the saying goes third time’s the charm, Alan finally found the love of his life when he met the Bolivian-born model Tanya Callu. However, learning from his past mistakes, the late actor did not jump into marriage straight away with Tanya.

Forever And A Day

Tanya and Alan Thicke finally got married in 2005, after six years of dating. They looked thrilled on their wedding day, which took place in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

In love, age is just a number. At the time they got married Alan was 58, and Tanya was 30.

Alan Thicke Tanya Callau
Alan Thicke & Tanya Callau. (Credit: Pagesix)

On their wedding day, the late actor reportedly shared a very romantic vow with Tanya. He went out and about saying that if his last breath was used to express his love for Tanya, he would feel like his time on earth has been completed.

The late actor said;

If the last breath I take could be to say how much I loved you, then I know my time on earth will be complete

Till today, Tanya is constantly sharing photos of Alan and her together on her Instagram account. Since her husband’s tragic death, Tanya hasn’t missed wishing her husband a single birthday or anniversary.

On March 1, Alan’s beautiful widow posted a monochrome picture of Alan in his youth and wished him a heavenly birthday. In the caption, she addressed how she misses him still.

Is Robin Thicke Alan Thicke’s son?

Yes indeed, the “Blurred Lines’ singer is in fact the late actor’s middle son from his first marriage.

In 2016, after his father’s sudden demise, the actor reflected on his father’s death and confessed that Alan was the greatest man he ever met, in his interview with Los Angeles Times.

Reminiscing the times with his father, the singer explained how he had met Alan just days before the accident and expressed his love to him. Adding on Robin told the La Times, he was glad that his father knew he was loved and had his moment of closure.

The good thing was that he was beloved and he had closure… I saw him a few days ago and told him how much I loved and respected him.

In his 2018 interview with People, the singer mentioned the impact of losing his father had on his professional life as it was the inspiration for his new single in years “Testify”.

Describing his single, the singer told People it was kind of Tribute to his father and a message of hope for any and everyone who needed to hear it.

Robin said;

Once you put it into song form, then it can live forever. And so the message in the song is really about the hope and the light at the end of that tunnel when you feel that you lost or you feel that you don’t know what to do next.