Fashion Designer Alena Yanchevskaya: Partner, Age and Family

Last Updated : November 5, 2023

Fashion Designer Alena Yanchevskaya [Photo: Instagram/alena_yanchevskaya]

Alena Yanchevskaya is a prominent fashion designer from Moscow, Russia. She has established herself as a notable figure in the fashion assiduity with her unique vision and creative prowess. She created a lifestyle without adrenaline, fuss, and chaos.

The famous fashion designer has a loving partner whom she features on her social media. And in January 2023, the couple took their relationship to the next level.

Said Yes to Her Partner

Alena Yanchevskaya received a beautiful surprise in the new year of 2023. The charming pair went to Egypt to spend their time on vacation. But her boyfriend had a different plan.

When the pair were going for a ride on a hot balloon, he knelt to one knee and proposed to her, presenting a beautiful engagement ring.

And she said “YES” to her partner. She flaunted her engagement ring by sharing a picture on her Instagram story.

She was extremely happy at that time. Nonetheless, she had no idea he would propose to her until it happened. Before the big day, he’d also asked what she’d wear. “Do you need something special?” she asked in response.

Alena Yanchevskaya and her partner are engaged.[Source: Instagram]

He replied, “No, just light colors would suit better.” She dressed as ordered but didn’t suspect anything until the end.

After he proposed, they flew in a hot air balloon for an hour and talked constantly. “I cried, laughed, and recovered from my condition all day,” stated the newly engaged lady.

The charming couple started dating in 2018, and in 2023, they celebrated their five years of togetherness.

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Celebrated Her 38th Birthday in September

The fashion designer was born in September 1985 in Russia. Recently, in September, she celebrated her thirty-eightth birthday.

She shared a short video on her Instagram profile, penning, “Happy birthday to me.” She said she has lived for 38 years but only consciously for the last eight years.

Her life became like a beautiful picture only when she stopped looking for herself and the meaning of life. Instead, she chose to create herself and her life every day.

Alena Yanchevskaya celebrated her 38 birthday this year [Source: Instagram]

But everybody was surprised by her age. Most people thought that she would be more than her age, like 40-45. One user said that it is an effect of a strict diet or many cosmetic procedures getting old.

They also compared themselves and said that they looked younger than her.

However, some other users wished her happy birthday and blessed her to continue to have many more years.

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Rarely Posts about Her Family

Despite her frequent social media presence, Yanchevskaya rarely shares photos of her family. She has two sisters named Viktoria Yanchevskaya and Lera Yanchevskaya. In August 2019, one of her sisters married.

She shared a photo of her with lovely sisters from the wedding. Then, many people congratulated her sister on the special day.

Alena Yanchevskaya with her two sisters [Source: Instagram]

Her sister, Victoria, runs the Yanchevskaya store, which sells lingerie, homeware, and accessories. She also shares some business tips via her Instagram and Tumblr.

After that, she has never posted about her sister or other family members. Now, she has been spending quality time with her partner, going on several vacations. They are engaged in January and might be planning to marry soon.