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Last Updated : January 13, 2023

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is a successful YouTuber and entrepreneur who has been involved in various business ventures since 2013. He is the founder of, a business growth consulting company, and is known for his YouTube channel, where he shares information and tips with his audience to help them grow their businesses. His channel has a large following, with over 650,000 subscribers and 69 million views. Hormozi is dedicated to helping others succeed in the business world. His wealth of knowledge and experience has made him a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to take their companies to the next level.

Alex Hormozi Age, Bio

Alex was born on August 18, 1992, in Austin, Texas, United States, and is currently 33 years old (as of 2023). His zodiac sign is Libra and his religion is Christianity. Hormozi is known for helping others succeed in the business world and has gained recognition for his expertise and experience in the field.

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Alex Hormozi Height, Body

Meet Alex Hormozi, a 33-year-old man with a physique that many envy. Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches (182 cm), he cuts an impressive figure. His muscular build, with a chest size of 22 inches, a waist size of 18 inches, and biceps measuring 14 inches, results from years of dedication to his fitness routine.

But it’s not just his chiseled muscles that make him stand out. Alex is also in top physical condition, weighing in at a healthy 87 kilograms (192 pounds). He takes great care to maintain his physique, making sure to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. He has Dark Brown eyes and Brown Black hair.

With his impressive build and dedication to his health, it’s no wonder that Alex is a role model for many. He exudes confidence and vitality, whether hitting the gym or simply going about daily life and posting it on Social Media like above.

Alex Hormozi has developed a specific training and nutrition program to gain healthy muscle mass. The program is structured as a 6-week training cycle, with three days of weight training per week and one day of rest. The training sessions are expected to last approximately 3 hours each, and the program includes both upper and lower-body exercises. The nutrition plan consists of a high carbohydrate intake, with a daily target of 800g of carbs, 300g of protein, and 50g of fat.

Hormozi recommends following a similar meal plan every day, with specific recommendations for each meal. It is important to note that this is just one example of a training and nutrition program, and it may only be suitable for some. Therefore, it is always an excellent idea to consult a professional dietician before participating in exercise or nutrition programs.

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Alex Hormozi Family

Alex Hormozi is a successful businessman and fitness enthusiast with roots in Iran. He came to the USA with his family as a child. He studied and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in business. His hard work paid off, as he completed his bachelor’s degree in just three years with honors.

Alex Hormozi with his Dad
Alex Hormozi with his Dad [Source: Facebook]

After graduation, Alex followed his passion for fitness and opened his gym. It was the start of a successful career in the industry. From the beginning, he had always been interested in health and wellness and dedicated himself to improving his physical condition. His dedication paid off, as he has maintained a fit and muscular physique through years of hard work and discipline.

His Entrepreneur Journey

Alex Hormozi is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse range of business ventures. In 2013, he founded a fitness club in Huntington Beach, California. The business was a success, and he expanded it to five locations throughout the state.

In addition to his fitness clubs, Alex also founded Prestige Lab, a company that produces pre-packaged meals for fitness enthusiasts. The creation of ALAN, a software company, and, a funding platform for small businesses, followed this venture. In 2021, Alex sold the majority of the stocks in his company to American Pacific Group.

Throughout his career, Alex has shown a dedication to health and wellness in his personal life and business ventures. He is a well-respected figure in the fitness industry and continues to be a successful entrepreneur.

Who is Alex Hormozi Wife?

Yes, he is happily married on May 2017 with his wife, Leila Hormozi.

Alex Hormozi with his wife Leila
Alex Hormozi with his wife Leila [Source-Instagram]

Alex Hormozi’s success can be mainly attributed to the support and partnership of his wife, Leila. The two met in the early days of their careers and quickly hit it off. They founded Gym Launch together, a company that helps gym owners improve and sustain their businesses. From the beginning, the company was a success, and it quickly grew to include over 40 employees and reached a revenue of $24 million.

Leila has been a constant presence by Alex’s side, helping to run the business and supporting him in all of his endeavors. The couple has a strong partnership, both personally and professionally, and their shared passion for health and wellness has helped to drive their success. Together, they have built a thriving business and a strong foundation for their future.

How Much is Alex Hormozi Net Worth?

Alex Hormozi is a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $15 million per year. He has achieved this level of financial success through his various business ventures, including Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N. Together, these companies have generated over $100 million in cumulative sales and an annual revenue of $85 million.

Alex Hormozi shares $100 million offers book.

His dedication and hard work have paid off, allowing him to achieve his goals and create a prosperous future for himself and his family.

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