The Untold Story of Alyssa Mikesell’s Wedding Dress, Husband & Family

Last Updated : March 24, 2023

Alyssa Mikesell is a famous American hairstylist, social media influencer, and participant in the popular family-oriented YouTube channel The Mikesell Family. Aside from that, she is well-known in the YouTube community for the date series, vlogs, and other content she posts on her channel. Alyssa Mikesell is not just a prominent YouTuber but also a certified beauty expert. She bleaches her friends’ hair in several of her films on YouTube. In addition, the beautiful trending influencer maintains a second Instagram account exclusively for posting images of her makeup and skincare products.

What was the Fashion Blogger’s Wedding Dress Like?

Mikesell got her wedding dress from The Perfect Dress Bridal, according to one of her videos on YouTube. Her mother, grandmothers, a close friend, and their driver, Kaitlyn, accompanied her on the trip to choose her wedding dress. For optimal filming, they waited until the closing hours.

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The popular YouTuber has a second video in which she gives her opinion on wedding dresses. She discusses in detail her wedding dress selection process. Her mother and her friends all loved the wedding dress.

Alyssa Mikesell`s wedding day and her wedding dress [Photo: Instagram]

According to the trending YouTuber, the best thing about her wedding dress was the flowy sleeves and how the dress fit her gorgeous slim body.

Who is the Young Fashion Blogger Alyssa Mikesell’s Husband?

Dallin Johnson, who is Alyssa Mikesell’s boyfriend and a social media sensation, appears in her videos on a regular basis despite his hectic schedule. Alyssa and Dallin formally announced their engagement in April 2021. The video of their wedding day, which took place on June 18, 2021, was uploaded to YouTube. Their engagement began on December 20, 2020. At the moment, she and her spouse have a home in Orem, Utah.

Family Background

Alyssa had her first experience with social media at a young age, thanks to the YouTube channel her family runs under the name The Mikesell Family. The channel went live on January 27, 2019; it has amassed over 25 million views and over 185 thousand subscribers. Ever since the gorgeous influencer was a little girl, she has dreamed of becoming a successful YouTube star, just like her famous father and mother before her. Alyssa Mikesell is mentioned in her family’s various social media posts.

Because of her family’s YouTube channel, The Mikesell Family, Alyssa got introduced to social media at a young age. Since its inception on January 27, 2019, the channel has amassed over 25 million views and over 185 thousand members. Since the gorgeous influencer was a little girl, she has aspired to follow in the footsteps of her famous father and mother by becoming a successful YouTube star. Also, Alyssa Mikesell appears in the family’s social media posts.

Is Her Brother Boston Mikesell Gay?

Boston Mikesell, one of Alyssa Mikesell’s twin brothers, shares an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and a TikTok channel with his identical twin brother, Brock Mikesell. 

At this time, Boston does not seem to be involved with anyone romantically. Furthermore, there is no evidence in any of the sources that indicate whether or not Boston Mikesell is gay. As a result, he has yet to discuss his previous relationships in detail. On the other hand, the young influencer has never been in a relationship. Currently, he is concentrating both on his education and her professional life.

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Quick Facts About Alyssa

  • She clearly loves animals.
  • She is a hairstylist by trade. Like her, Brock (his brother) once expressed an interest in becoming a professional hairdresser.
  • She has a lovely pet named Frannie.
  • She adores horses and is capable of riding them.
  • As of mid-2020, the most famous videos on Alyssa’s YouTube channel were “I gave my friend a PERM!!!”.
  • She has either endorsed or promoted numerous brands on social media, such as –
    • Pink Desert
    • Rings by Lex & Sam
    • Ypsilon Dresses
  • Her videos are diverse and entertaining; she often tries new areas or content and regularly collaborates with various social media celebrities.
  • After sharing videos about beauty tips and fashion accessories, Alyssa turned her focus to creating makeup tutorials. She then also did a slew of demos of various make-up materials.

She has recently launched her clothing line, Clad & Cloth, on Instagram, which includes several unisex products. It is located at 48 W 100 N Provo, Utah, and is open on Tuesday-Thursday (2 pm-7 pm) and Friday-Saturday (2 pm-8 pm). They offer free delivery on orders of $75 or more.


What is the net worth of the famous vlogger?

Alyssa Mikesell earned $1.5 million in 2023. Her income comes from YouTube, social media, and side jobs.

What is Alyssa Mikesell’s height and weight?

She stands about 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 m) tall and weighs 57 kilograms (125 lbs).

What are the trending YouTuber’s figure measurements?

The trending YouTuber Alyssa’s body measurements are 36-28-40 inches.

What eye color does the Social Media Personality have?

Hazel eyes highlight the facial features of the Social Media Star.

What Zodiac sign does the fashion blogger belong to?

Alyssa Mikesell, the gorgeous blogger, belongs to the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

What size shoes does the popular YouTuber wear?

Alyssa Mikesell, an influential YouTuber, wears a size 6.5. (US)