Anisha Ramakrishna and her Husband and Their Engagement Ring

Last Updated : March 29, 2023

Anisha Ramakrishna is a Bravo TV star, entrepreneur, and the creator of the shopping and retail labels Presently and “No Sharam” from India. She also stars in the new show “Family Karma.” The gorgeous creator broke up with her 12-year boyfriend in New York and moved back home to start a fashion business with her parents. Her first collection of women’s clothes released in 2017. The beautiful actor also hosts a podcast called “Currently Cringing.” Everything from Anisha’s experiences in the modern dating scene to her concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic is discussed in the episode.

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Who is Anisha Ramakrishna’s Husband?

In June of this year, Anisha shared on Instagram that she had moved in with a new boyfriend. They started dating in the winter of 2021. After dating for 1.5 years, the couple reportedly got engaged in April, as reported by Sportskeeda.

Dr. Anand Tarpara, the TV star’s husband, is a renowned vascular and general surgeon in India. As of the end of 2021, Anand has been serving HonorHealth as a vascular surgeon.

On February 26, 2023, after keeping her marriage secret for six months, Anisha finally let the cat out of the bag. Anand has been a Vascular Surgery Fellow at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. From July 2013 to June 2019, he was a surgical resident at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Anisha Ramakrishna with her husband, Dr. Anand Tarpara [Photo: Instagram]

Anisha Ramakrishna of “Family Karma” and her husband Anand opted for a low-key ceremony, as she had previously disclosed to the “Valley Prefered.”

On October 8, 2022, at their parent’s home in Miami, Ramakrishna and Tarpara exchanged wedding vows in front of 20 guests, most of whom were close relatives. The attractive actress explained that it was on the day of the Indian Diwali holiday, celebrated by Hindus and seen as a good omen.

The two plan a lavish reception celebration in the early spring of 2023. However, specific dates have yet to be announced—the two-year age difference between the attractive business owner and the dashing physician. As of early 2023, Anisha will be 38, while her partner Anand will be 36.

Her Engagement Ring’s Backstory

The “Family Karma” star discussed her engagement ring in greater detail in an Instagram post that same month.

“Thank you to my unicorn fiancé and [Giresh Mirpuri] at Siroo for the engagement ring of my dreams!”

She added subtitles to her video.

“I worked with Giresh Mirpuri who is the Director at Siroo of [Ballerina Jewelers]. They are an Indian family-owned business and they know their stones. Giresh is incredible to work with and spent months making sure I had the most stunning diamond! And then of course my fiancé paid for it!”

Family Background

The “Family Karma” star was born Anish Ramakrishna on September 22, 1984, in Kolkata, India, to parents named Ram and Chitra. She and her family relocated to Florida’s Miami as a young girl. Virkram Sairam is her brother, and Nandini Ramakrishna is her sister.

Info About Schooling

Anisha attended Florida International University in 2003, as shown on her LinkedIn profile. The “Currently” fashion label creator got her BBA from Florida International University, where she studied international business and marketing. Ramakrishna earned his bachelor’s degree in 2005 from Florida International University.

The stunning founder didn’t stop with an undergraduate degree; between 2007 and 2009, she earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami’s Herbert Management School. In 2011, she started working at a New York City fashion house.

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Other Facts You Need To Know About Anisha Ramakrishna:

  • Anisha Ramakrishna Loves Dancing.
  • Anisha is a spicy food fanatic.
  • She dislikes coffee.
  • She is a foodie, and she used to run a food blog called The Hungry Hindu, which she later renamed Currently Hungry.
  • Anish unabashedly spills the tea on her own cringe-worthy personal life situations, dating, sex, pop culture, living with her parents in her mid-thirties, managing a small business, and knowing her uncensored candor and wickedly sharp wit.
  • Anisha worked for Tahari, ASL, for six years as the Vice President of Product Development for Private Label Brands. Tahari, ASL is a New York-based women’s clothing company.
  • Ramakrishna admitted that her 36th birthday celebrations were not particularly memorable. “It was kind of a slap in the face while I was celebrating my 36th birthday,” she said. Ramakrishna, who is constantly chastised by her family for not marrying and having children, found herself single and with no immediate plans to start a family.

FAQs of Anisha Ramakrishna

How tall is the Indian actress and TV host Anisha?

Anisha is 172 centimeters tall, but her weight is a mystery.

Has the gorgeous businesswoman lost any weight?

After breaking up with her long-term lover, Anisha gained 13 kilograms (27 pounds), so she started taking better care of her body for Season 2 of “Family Karma.”

What is the net worth of Anisha Ramakrishna?

Earnings from her reality TV program and apparel brand have helped boost Anisha Ramakrishna’s net worth to over $1 million.

When is the beautiful actress’s birthday?

The beautiful actress was born on September 22, 1984.

What is the star sign of the stunning actress?

Virgo is the zodiac sign of the beautiful and brilliant actress.

Where in India does the well-known TV star originate?

Palakkad, located between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, is where the well-known Indian TV star grew up.

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