Anton Daniels and His Wife’s Blissful Marital Life of 19 Years

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Anton Daniels with his wife, Reta Monique [Photo: Facebook/MoniqueD25]

Anton Daniels and his wife have known each other for half their lifetime. The lovely duo is a great team; she is the rock of their family.

Both of them have experienced success career-wise and are now responsible parents of their daughters.

Daniels and His Wife Believe in Till Death Do Us Part

Daniels and his spouse, Reta Monique, met in September 1996. They had their first extended conversation during their high school days.

The pair began dating in 2003 and kept on enjoying each other’s company. After dating for a year, both of them got engaged in 2004.

A few months after the engagement, Daniels and his better half exchanged their wedding vows on June 19, 2004. They have known each other for over two decades, and Monique warmly wishes him during their anniversary each year.

daniels-and-his-spouse-have-marked-19th-wedding-anniversary. (1)
Daniels and his spouse have marked their 19th wedding anniversary. [Photo: Facebook]

When she is with him, the time flies by, and he is her everything. The 41-year-old loves him to the moon and back.

On their 19th anniversary, she penned, “What better way to go through life than with the person you love by your side? Anton, you are my person.”

Further, she revealed that Daniels hates to celebrate his birthday. He doesn’t like it when people make a big deal about him.

But, as a loving wife, she doesn’t care about that because he deserves the world, and one day, she will give that to him. She pens heartwarming captions for her hubby every now and then.

Daniels has also shown his affection towards his partner by writing a letter for her on his website. Monique is his invaluable friend, partner, and wife.

He has gotten all the credit for his achievements because his spouse has been there to ensure his health and has provided him with great ideas.

Moreover, the YouTuber has loved and will love her profoundly and promised her that he would take care of her for the rest of her life. Furthermore, she would never have to work unless she wanted to.

The caring husband has vowed to protect her and has ensured she is excited to come to their home. All in all, the pair adored each other, and the gods handpicked them.

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Their Daughter Is an Esteemed Taekwondo Player

Daniels and his better half, Monique, are blessed with a beautiful daughter, their only child. They both wanted a baby girl, and their desire manifested into reality.

The YouTuber named his child after his mama, Leslie, who constantly desired to have a female child. Her mother tried several times to have a baby girl. Instead, she was blessed with four baby boys.

Moreover, his brothers also have all male children; his girl is their immediate family’s only daughter. Daniels was the first one to hold her and kiss her after her birth.

As a father, he has always wanted the best for his daughter, ensuring that she exceeds his expectations. Indeed, she has surpassed his expectations.

According to her age bracket, Leslie has been ranked number two in the whole country in Taekwondo. Both of them are proud parents.

The YouTuber has been to her every match, every recital, and every play and is very involved in her daughter’s life. Just a few months ago, Leslie performed well in World Taekwondo in the Dominican Republic.

Leslie’s mother is very proud of her and has made many posts about her achievements on her Facebook page.

Monique is proud of her daughter, who performed well in world Taekwondo in the Dominican Republic. [Photo: Facebook]

However, this wasn’t what Monique had initially imagined about her life. Even after marrying him, the 41-year-old had no desire to have kids. She wanted to be like her aunt, who enjoyed her freedom because she had no kids.

Eventually, they settled on having a single and an only child. After having Leslie, Daniel got his vasectomy done, and the lovely couple made up their mind to only have a single kid and provide her with utmost care and nourishment.

Overall, their daughter is going to some of the best high schools in the state this year and will have a bright future ahead of her.

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Had a Deep Conversation About Divorce

Daniels has contemplated the difference between being married and a successful marriage. Monique has considered happiness and the ability to endure and withstand something together as a state of successful matrimony.

Daniels and his wife are contemplating divorce in general. [Photo: Daniels Youtube/Channel]

They both sat down together and contemplated the reasons for divorce and their drawbacks to their children. Both of them have stated their views and opinions about sensitive matters.

Further, the lovely couple have openly talked about it even though they are perfectly happy with each other. That’s one of the most unique aspects of their relationship.

Nevertheless, Monique and Daniels are still head over heels for one another and live while carefully planning their family’s future.