Tattoo Artist Arlo DiCristina: Wife, Age and Net Worth

Last Updated : November 5, 2023

Tattoo Artist Arlo DiCristina [Photo: YouTube/@SullenTV]

Arlo Dicristina is an internet personality who owns Elysium Studios, a renowned tattoo and art studio. Over the years, he has won countless prestigious awards.

He is mainly known for his hugely influential pioneer for his trademark tattooing style. In addition, now, he is an educator who teaches others about his business success and fundamental techniques, which includes a sold-out 100-student seminar in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Arlo Dicristina Is Happily Married to His Wife

The tattoo artist tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Ryan Ashley DiCristina, in October 2019. She announced the heartwarming news through the Instagram post, saying they were officially Mr. & Mrs.

The lovely couple tied the knot after an extremely romantic and thorough proposal, where he proposed to her with a Roman-looking solid marble ring.

He hand-carved the ring from a block of marble from the earth where he proposed. Right after, the duo realized they didn’t feel much different even after they engaged.

She professed, “The plan all along was really to just spend our lives together, without any of the fuss or the show or the stress.”

So, they got married right when they got home. Just after one year, the charming couple added a family member.

Arlo Dicristina and his lovely wife, Ryan Ashley DiCristina, welcomed a son in 2020 [Source: Dicristina’s Instagram]

They welcomed their son, Atheus Omni DiCristina, in May 2020. She shared the news via Instagram, penning that she couldn’t stop staring at him and thinking about how lucky they were to have gotten him.

She stated that the pair have had a calm, loving, and easy experience the last few days bringing this guy onto planet Earth.

Talking about her past relationship, she was committed to Josh Balz in 2017. But she ended her relationship with him and began dating Arlo.

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Dicristina’s Net Worth and Earnings from Tatoo Business

The famous tattoo artist has earned a considerable amount of money through his career. His primary income source is from his Elysium Studios, which is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

He founded the company in 2017. There, he has hired several tattoo artists who are experts in creating beautiful designs.

This showcasing of talent has drawn the attention of famous celebrities like Daymond John, Jimmy, Michelle Lewin, Danny and, Cody Garbrant (former UFC world champion), and many others. That helped them to attract more people and earn more money.

Moreover, he also teaches people his success and fundamental techniques, which helps him to add extra money to his pocket.

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Dicristina Had a Different Career in His Early Age

Arlo Dicristina was born on November 14, 1991, in Albany, New York, United States. But later, he moved to Vienna and then Carrollton with his family. Moreover, he lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, most of his life.

As mentioned above, he owned Elysium Studios, which offers world-class personalized and professional experience to local and international clients. Before that, he also spent one year apprenticing at a tattoo parlor in Duluth, Minnesota. 

However, before tattooing, he was a pro-MMA fighter. He had been wrestling and boxing since 5th grade and continued until he was 21. In 2010, he also became the light-heavyweight champion.

Arlo Dicristina was previously a pro-MMA fighter [Source: Twitter]

Arlo once broke into a rival school with a few friends to reclaim the state hockey championship trophy after a dubious victory.

But later, he changed his career path and switched to tattoo artist. Now, he is famous for his tattoo designs. More than 650K people follow him on his Instagram account.

He is now living his life with his wife and a little son.