Asake Bomani [Author] Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Danny Glover

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Last Updated : January 27, 2023

Who is Asake Bomani?

Asake Bomani is a notable figure in the United States as the former wife of the accomplished actor and political activist Danny Glover. Although she rose to fame primarily as Danny’s ex-wife, Asake also has her own talents and achievements. She is a successful businesswoman and contributes to various charitable and community organizations. Despite her divorce from Danny, Asake remains a respected and admired figure in her own right.

Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

Asake Bomani, born on July 1, 1945, is a true embodiment of a Cancer zodiac sign. At 77 years old, she is a woman of strong will and determination, with a heart full of selfless care and devotion. Her ethnicity, rooted in Africa, adds to her unique and multifaceted identity as an American. Asake’s nurturing nature is reflected in her charitable and community work, making her an ambitious individual and a woman who uplifts the lives of others. She is a successful businesswoman, and her religion is Judaism. With her strong will, love for others, and unique background, Asake Bomani is truly remarkable.

Family and Education

Asake Bomani, a private yet accomplished individual, graduated from George Washington High School in the United States. Despite her success, she keeps her family background and personal details out of the spotlight. Even as a book author, she has no public presence on social media.

She received her primary and secondary education in her community and earned her undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University in 1967. Asake’s dedication to her education is a testament to her ambition and drive. She is a true example of someone who values privacy yet can still achieve great things and make a difference in her community. Her educational background and achievements speak for themselves, making her a fascinating and admirable person.

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Her Writing Career

Asake Bomani is a true renaissance woman known for her many talents and accomplishments. While she may be best known as the former wife of elite American actor Danny Glover, her career as an author truly sets her apart. Her superb writing skills earned her the prestigious American Book Award for her book “Paris Connections: African American & Caribbean Artists in Paris” in 1993, which continues to shine a spotlight on her talents to this day.

Asake's Book
Asake’s Book [Source: Goodreads]

Her book delves into the rich and complex history of African American and Caribbean artists in Paris, highlighting the contributions of these artists to the world of art and culture. Asake’s work as an author is a testament to her writing abilities, deep knowledge, and understanding of the art world and cultural landscape. Her book is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of art, history, and culture, making her a fascinating and accomplished author.

Asake Bomani and Danny Glover

Asake Bomani, the accomplished author and former wife of elite American actor Danny Glover, has kept her personal life private since her divorce from the Hollywood star. As a result, it is not publicly known whether she has remarried.

Asake Bomani with Danny Glover

The two were in a union for 25 years, having started dating in college and walking down the aisle in 1975. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2000 when Danny filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, and their divorce was finalized that same year.

Despite the end of their marriage, Asake and Danny share a daughter, Mandisa Glover, born in 1976. So, Asake’s relationship with Danny may have ended, but their love for her daughter remains strong and continues to be a part of her life.

Asake Bomani with her daughter
Asake Bomani with her daughter [Source: Instagram]

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Physical Features

Asake Bomani is a woman of striking beauty and impeccable style. Her slim and toned figure results from her healthy lifestyle and dedication to fitness. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 79 kg, she exudes confidence and grace. Her measurements of 35-25-34 inches, with a waist of 25 inches, make her the perfect embodiment of elegance and poise.

Asake Bomani
Asake Bomani [Source: Facebook]

Her black curly hair and black eyes perfectly complement her stunning appearance, adding to her unique and captivating beauty. She has style, and her shoe size of 9 and dress size of 4 are a testament to her impeccable taste. Asake Bomani is a woman of great talent and intellect and a true fashion icon, a fascinating inspiration for many.

Asake Bomani Net Worth

Asake Bomani, a woman of many talents, has built an impressive fortune through her successful career as an author. With an estimated net worth of over $1 million, she has proven to be a master of her craft and a true force in the literary world. Her writing skills have earned her critical acclaim. Her wealth is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for writing. Asake Bomani’s financial success is an achievement and a reflection of her ability to captivate her readers with her writing and her knowledge of art, history, and culture.

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