Ashley Gutermuth Is Yet To Reveal Her Husband’s Face

Last Updated : November 5, 2023


Ashley Gutermuth shares a blissful marital life with her husband, Col. William Gutermuth, a full-time reservist in the Air Force. She has been a military spouse with him for a decade and lives in New Jersey, United States.

Here is everything to capture about the romantic life of Gutermuth with her spouse.

Posts About Her Husband But Doesn’t Show His Face

Ashley Gutermuth has a great sense of humor and applies it whenever speaking of her spouse, Col. William Gutermuth.

For instance, when fans demanded a picture of Gutermuth’s hubby, she uploaded a funny post, “FINE. Here’s a picture of my husband.” It featured a picture of the floor with a body pattern made from water droplets.

Ashley Gutermuth husband
Ashley Gutermuth’s Instagram post regarding her husband. [Photo: Instagram]

Some people even commented that Gutermuth’s other half doesn’t exist as she doesn’t post pictures of him. Yet, she tackled the comments by uploading a TikTok video, pointing toward the man behind her, and saying it was proof.

Moreover, Gutermuth uploads posts about him with something funny involved in it. In one of her uploads, she posted a reel saying, “Pickpocketing my husband to teach him constant vigilance in NYC. “

It should also be noted that Gutermuth only posts about her hubby on rare occasions without revealing his face. Her better half likely wanted to keep a low-key profile away from the public.

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The Married Duo Has An Age Gap of 20 Years

Ashley Gutermuth’s spouse, Col. William Gutermuth, is twenty years older than her. They have yet to settle in a particular place and often move repeatedly, usually within two years.

While briefing on their love life, Guthermuth and her partner were first friends. They eventually turned their friendship into love, spending some years dating and understanding each other.

Furthermore, Guthermuth resides with Col. William in the military base, now in New Jersey. They moved to New Jersey to be closer to New York as the hub for stand-up comedy is either Los Angeles or New York City.

Guthermuth has never objected to military life; instead, she loves being a military spouse. The beautiful lady loves the military and being able to have some support role in it.

Furthermore, the stand-up comedian always answers humorously whenever people ask questions about getting married to an older man. She once posted a Facebook video in which she jokingly explained the situation.

In conclusion, the age gap hasn’t mattered much in Guthermuth’s married life. She enjoys a romantic life with her beau without any hindrances or conflicts.

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Is Her Hubby Also Into Comedy?

Gutermuth’s soulmate, Col. William Gutermuth, is somehow in comedy by being part of her comedy videos. Similarly, he once gave a satirical answer in one of Guthermuth’s Facebook videos.

In that video, she asked how he would rescue her if she accidentally choked on a chicken bone and got stuck in her neck in one of the videos.

He satirically answered, “Oh Yeah, I’d lay you down, elevate your feet, cover you up with a blanket, and call a medic.”

According to VETERANLIFE, Guthermuth described her “Spouse Rank” as a “General Troublemaker.” She has also made posts sharing about how the years of marriage look like.

The social media personality has made many jokes, mentioning her better half on Twitter. She tweeted a funny instance, saying, ” Out to dinner with my husband, and the waitress just offered us separate checks.”

Ashley Guthermuth husband
Ashley Guthermuth jokes about her husband. [Photo: Twitter]

Guthermuth’s beau has lost his wedding ring several times, and she once uploaded giving him his 7th ring on Instagram. However, Col. William stated having one lost and another misplaced in one of her YouTube videos.

Overall, the love duo chemistry is undeniable, and they likely share a healthy married life. They share a precious bond, joking and loving each other, adding beautiful memories.