Grace Jones’ Ex-husband Atila Altaunbay’s Facts- Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Job, Net Worth, Now

Last Updated : March 2, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 46 Years OldWife/Spouse: Grace Jones (Ex)

Who is Atila Altaunbay?

Atila Altaunbay is the bodyguard turned husband of the woman with great talents and enigma, Grace Jones. He is also a model and singer.

Atila is famous for his relationship with the popular Jamaican native singer, actor, and modal, Grace Jones. The dramatic relationship between Atila and Grace flamed many talks and made the pair an interesting topic of discussion.

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How Old is Atila Altaunbay?

Atila was born in the year 1976. The real date of his birth isn’t known, so there is no information about his zodiac sign either. The model will be turning 46 in 2022.

Altaunbay was born in Turkey and belonged to Turkish descent. Therefore, he is said to be Turkish. Moreover, Atila follows the Muslim religion.

Family and Education

Even though the model was born in Turkey, he grew up in Belgium. There isn’t any information regarding his parents. In the same way, we aren’t aware if or not he has any siblings. The details about his family remain a mystery.

Talking about his education, he hasn’t revealed any details about it. We don’t know if he holds any degree or not. The model may have completed his schooling in Belgium itself as it is said that he grew up there.

Short Career/Job

Atila has worked in different fields. Apart from modeling, he also starred in many stage plays, the most famous one being his  on-screen feature,’ Mind Games.’

Ther model cum actor also is a very good singer. Before starting his work as his wife, Grace’s bodyguard, Altaunbay would have singing gigs at different places.

The star got the job of being Grace Jones’ bodyguard in Belgium itself when he was 21.

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones

Atila’s relationship with Grace Jones made him famous because the duo had a huge age gap. When they got married, Altaunbay was 21 while his to-be wife was in her forties.

This sparked a lot of drama, for not only did they have a large age gap of 20 years, but the renowned actress Grace was together with Atila, someone who was supposed to be Grace’s bodyguard.

The couple dated for a few months prior to getting married. They eloped to Brazil to get married in Rio de Janeiro after Grace’s show during the Carnival celebrations in 1996.

Fifty people attended the wedding and their ceremony, officiated in a private house by a Presbyterian minister.

Atila Altaunbay With Grace Jones
Atila Altaunbay With Grace Jones (credit-allvipp)

Grace Jones had a son with her ex-partner, Paulo Goude. Atila treated Grace’s son as his own and acted like a father. But unfortunately, Atila doesn’t have any offspring of his own.

As much drama as the relationship was, the couple separated eight years after their marriage. The separation happened because Atila put a knife on his wife, Grace.

After all, he was jealous of her success. Grace was liked by many as she was enigmatic, and this popularity of Grace took a toll on Atila.

This resulted in a heated quarrel between them and caused Atila to be violent. After that, he left their home and returned to his family but has been unreachable ever since.

Atila Altaunbay’s Net Worth

It is estimated that the model’s net worth is around $800,000.00, which he earned by working in various fields.

Physical Appearance

There isn’t much information regarding the star’s height and weight. Unfortunately, since he has been unreachable, we don’t know how he looks now.

Atila Altaunbay’s 6 Quick Facts

  • Atila and Grace went to New York for thei honeymoon.
  • Since Atila belonged to Muslim family, he was told to marry a woman of his own age as per his tradition but he went against the tradition to marry Atila.
  • In Belgium, the Turkish Descent used to work as pizza delivery guy.
  • Atila is Grace Jones’ first and only husband.
  • Atila and Grace aren’t officially divorced.
  • Grace’s father performed another wedding ceremony at their house in Syracuse to officiate the marriage.

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