Bhad Bhabie’s Mother Barbara Ann Bregoli Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Married, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Last Updated : March 8, 2023

Who is Barbara Ann Bregoli?

Barbara Ann Bregoli got famous because of her sensational daughter, Danielle Bregoli, more commonly known as Bhad Bhabie. The star mother garnered attention through her relationship with her daughter.

Moreover, she also was in the limelight because of a controversy with her ex-husband.

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Short Bio: Age, Birth, Nationality

On January 15, 1968, the star mother was born in Brooklyn, New York, meaning Bregoli just turned 54 years old in 2022. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Barbara is an American national. She is of Irish and Norwegian ethnicity. The star follows Christianity.

Family and Educational Details

As she is caught up with her duties as a mother, Bregoli doesn’t mention her own family often. The star mom was born to Barbara and Frank. Bregoli respects her family’s privacy and hence doesn’t mention them often. Similarly, it is also not known if Barbara has any siblings or not, as it isn’t a matter the star mom has brought up either.

The star mom got into the limelight only because of her daughter and avoided talking about her early life. As a result, there is barely any information regarding Bregoli’s education. What and where she studied isn’t known and is a mystery.

Short Career History

Since she owes her fame to Danielle, Barbara doesn’t have a professional career. The star mom earned fame after appearing on the Dr. Phil Show with her daughter, Danielle Bregoli.

However, she has been a part of the web series named ‘Bringing up Bhabie,’ which ran on Snapchat. Barbara came to the spotlight because of her spat with Bhad Bhabie. From then on, the star mom gained a lot of fame.

Who is Barbara Ann Bregoli Husband?

Barbara Ann Bregoli is currently single. Barbara was with Danielle’s dad, Ira Peskowitz, for over 16 years before she divorced him. Peskowitz was Palm Beach County’s, Deputy Sheriff. It is unclear when or if the couple got married.

Similarly, even if they had gotten married, the reason and the date of their divorce aren’t known. The couple is the parents of the famous influencer Danielle Bregoli. Danielle has a restraining order against her father, Ira Peskowitz. Again, the reason for it isn’t known. Barbara is entirely private about her personal life and remains quiet on its matter. Barbara isn’t currently seeing anyone.

Barbara Ann Bregoli Relationship with her Daughter

Barbara’s relationship with her daughter, Danielle, isn’t that great either. The mother-daughter duo shares an on-and-off relationship. The star’s mom’s daughter claims she proposes to live with her mother, but her daughter den.

In contrast, his start mom claims Bhad Bhabie of stealing. Even if the duo lacks having the best of relationships, they seem to support each other on online platforms. Barbara keeps defending her daughter on social media despite her relationship with her daughter.

Barbara with her daughter Bhad Bhabie
Barbara with her daughter Bhad Bhabie. [Credit- Dazzling News]

How Much Does Barbara Ann Bregoli Make?

The primary sources of the star mom’s income aren’t known as she got fame through her daughter. Details regarding what Barbara does for a living remain a mystery. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that Barbara has a net worth of around $1.5 million. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information regarding her property and assets.

Physical Appearance

The star mom stands at about 5 feet 8 inches tall. Even in her 50s, Barbara is a gorgeous woman with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Barbara Ann Bregoli. Credit-Instagram

Barbara Ann Bregoli 5 Quick Facts:

  • Her daughter has her name tattooed on her neck.
  • Barbara has a verified Instagram handle with 53.1K followers.
  • She described herself as a two-time breast cancer survivor and went through chemotherapy in 2009.
  • She and Danielle were involved in an altercation aboard a Spirit Airlines flight in February of 2017. Video of the fight was submitted to TMZ.
  • The star is quite active on Instagram.

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