Questions Loom Large Surrounding Barstool Big Cat’s Partner

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

Writer and Podcast host Barstool Big Cat [Photo: Instagram/barstoolbigcat]

Barstool Big Cat is currently committed to his partner, whom he calls Lady Cat. The love birds have been together for quite some time now.

Furthermore, they have added a family member. The lovely couple has now become parents and are raising their children.

Are Dan Katz and His Partner, Lady Cat Married?

There has been a question on the internet about whether the couple exchanged the wedding vows since the duo shares children.

People have speculated that they might be married. Some fans once also stated that his week-long vacation to France in 2020 was his honeymoon; however, nothing has backed up the claim.

Barstool Big Cat has not shared his wedding picture or openly discussed it. He has left the netizens in the dark regarding his marriage.

Barstool Big Cat hasn’t disclosed yet whether he is married or not to her partner [Source: Barstool Big Cat’s Instagram]

Nevertheless, at the time, he mentioned his partner on Twitter. In November 2017, when one user asked, “Who’s watching Stella?” Then replied, “Lady Cat is ha.”

He last mentioned his partner in December 2019 when he said she was sick. He never tweeted about her again after that.

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Curiosity Surrounding Big Cat’s Love Life

Barstool Big Cat has amassed a massive fan base from all around the world. People have been curious about his personal life, particularly his wife, since he became famous.

Netizens took the topic on Reddit and began discussing it. However, no one knows about his wife since neither has shared anything.

Nonetheless, netizens suggested various names, including Olivia Katz, Stephanie Maloney, etc.

Some think he is married, while others do not believe it. One user said that he shared a picture of her a decade ago because people called him gay. Furthermore, he also reportedly mentioned her in his baby announcement blog.

The TV personality has kept away from the spotlight regarding his personal information. However, people respect his privacy.

Big Cat and His Partner Are Proud Parents of Two Children

Despite keeping his partner’s identity hidden, he openly uploaded a picture of his newborn baby on social media.

He welcomed his first baby with his lady love in June 2019. He announced the heartwarming news through Instagram by sharing his son’s pictures. Barstool Big Cat penned, “Life just got very real. ‬Lil Cat and Mom are happy and healthy.”

The TV celebrity admitted that he had no jokes for the first time and cried a little more then. Many people asked about his name in the comment section, but he hasn’t revealed it yet.

Barstool Big Cat welcomed their first child in 2019 [Source: Instagram]

The lovely pair added another family member in May 2021. His baby arrived a little earlier than expected, but his baby girl and his wife were doing well.

Then he added that the most difficult part of explaining to his son was that he was no longer an only child. He cried his eyes out once more, just like the previous time.

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Keeps His Family Away From the Limelight

Barstool Big Cat values his family’s privacy and doesn’t reveal much about his personal life. He has never made his friends and family part of his content.

He said that he won’t be making content out of his child’s birth or upbringing. The TV personality intended to give his kids the most normal upbringing possible, including not publicizing their childhood to the world.

It was his personal choice, and he hoped netizens would understand. The same goes for his wife, Lady Cat, who has always been his backbone.

Lady Cat has supported him through everything: the trips, the 24/7 sports, the long nights at the office, moving from Chicago to NYC, and many more.

As he stated, his children’s and wife’s details are completely hidden from the internet.