5 Surprising Facts About the Actress Belissa Escobedo

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Blue Beetle Actress Belissa Escobedo [Photo: Instagram/belissae]

Belissa Escobedo is a Mexican-American actress who is famous for her roles in Don’t Look Deeper (2020), Hocus Pocus (2022), and Blue Beetle (2023).

She is a rising star and could be making waves in the film industry in the near future.

Belissa Escobedo Starred in Her Mother’s Favourite Halloween Movie

The movie Hocus Pocus was an integral part of Escobedo’s life growing up. The actress and her mother used to watch it every single year.

It was one of their favorite Halloween movies. Escobedo has many memories of watching it with her mother and has regarded it as one of the Halloween traditions.

She has starred in Hocus Pocus 2, one of her mother’s favorite Halloween movie sequels. [Photo: Instagram]

The Mexican-American actress starred in the film Hocus Pocus 2. At first, she received a call saying she got the role in the movie. That good news blew her.

Excitedly, the lovely lady joined a Zoom with Lily, Whitney, and three other girls. When she found out she was cast in a movie with so much sentimental value, her mama was also in the room.

Then, her mom asked, “Can we scream now?” Then, they all began to scream in excitement. It’s not the only thing that has made the role exciting.

Growing up, she wished for somebody like her on screen, not just in Halloween movies but in other films. Her wish came true, and she now feels unique and proud to represent her community.

Overall, the actress’s mother is proud of her achievement, and she has honored her community.

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Her Dad Is President and CEO of Non-Profit Management

Escobedo’s father is the President and CEO of the Centre for Non-profit Management and the Board Chair of Hispanics in Philanthropy. He completed his American Studies and Ethnicity degree from the University of Southern California.

Then, he completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of La Verne. Initially, he was a Latino Research and Communications Co-Founder for half a decade.

Escobedo has presented her views about her art college along with her father. [Photo: Hispanics in Philanthropy YouTube/Channel]

Afterward, he became a Vice President of Civic Engagement and Public Policy at California Community Foundation for over seven years. He is also a leading executive and dynamic strategist, working hard to increase the civic management of marginalized communities.

Further, he has also led an armchair conversation with her daughter on Latinx representation in Hollywood. They also talked about how the next generation could build upon their work in furthering philanthropy and advocacy of those who came before them.

She Dropped Out of College

Belissa Escobedo didn’t get a lead role during high school because she was a girl from a different background. The lovely lady was given only the role of a sidekick, the best friend, the little sister, and many more side roles.

She was only given side roles during her high school and college days. [Photo: Escobedo’s Instagram]

Before the 25-year-old left for college, her dad told her she was stepping into an industry that he and other community members had no idea about. But the situation at her college was identical to her high school, and nobody was helping her out.

Then, she dropped out of the New School for Drama and went home. After that, she finally found the right place where she could grow through a community theater in Boyle Heights Casa.

That community assisted her in getting into the film industry, and she is forever grateful for them.

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The Actress Is a Queer Latina

During the interview with her dad, the 25-year-old revealed that she was a queer Latina. Her off-screen love life remains a mystery as she has not revealed much about him.

But she has played an on-screen romantic role where she was kissed by another cast member, Madelyn Sher, of The Baker and Beauty TV series.

Belissa Escobedo is also close to Morgan Dragon, an actress who has starred in Hocus Pocus 2. Furthermore, she has also posted a picture with Audrey Whitby, who co-starred in the film Sid Is Dead.

The Mexican-American actress always hangs out with many cast members and friends but has yet to reveal anything about her romantic partner. Overall, she has enjoyed her life while expressing her creativity and skills as an actress.

Escobedo Looks Different Than She Did Previously

Many people have noticed something different about the actress over the years. Observing her recent Instagram posts, she seems to be slimmer than in her previous interviews.

escobedo-could-have- lost- some-weight
She seems to be slimmer in her current Instagram posts. [Photo: LATV Latina’s Facebook/Escobedo’s instagram]

The Mexican-American actress seems to have lost some weight but has preferred not to reveal it. Nevertheless, the artist is exceptionally talented and has brought out the energy of the character that she has played.