YouTuber Brandon Herrera: Wife, Net Worth, And Age

Last Updated : November 2, 2023

Owner of The AK Guy Inc and YouTuber Brandon Herrera [Photo: Facebook/RealBrandonHerrera]

Brandon Herrera is a popular YouTuber and entrepreneur best known for his self-titled YouTube channel. He uploads content from gun reviews to comparison, including other topics too.

Furthermore, Herrera is the owner and operator of The AK Guy, a 07 firearm manufacturer based out of Fayetteville, NC. He is also involved in politics, running for Congress in Texas District 23.

Does Brandon Herrera Have a Wife?

When one of his fans once asked him what Herrera would do once he completed the AK50 project on Twitter, the YouTuber replied, “Growing old with a trad wife and a football team worth of kids on a ranch in Texas.”

Brandon Herrera
Brandon Herrera’s Twitter reply to one of his fans. [Photo: Twitter]

Nevertheless, Herrera also used to post pictures with a beautiful lady in the past but has stopped sharing lately on his social handles. He first shared a picture with her on New Year’s in January 2016.

The entrepreneur once shared a picture with her on Valentine’s Day on Facebook. Considering Herrera’s social updates with her, the gorgeous lady seems to have a fondness for guns like him.

Herrera uploaded a picture once in which both looked like a lovely pair. Furthermore, when a Twitter user asked what he was doing at the moment, he penned, “Nothing at the moment. Girlfriend is out of town, and kitchen is empty. Send help.”

Also, the YouTuber has been rumored to have children, as per reports from some online portals.

However, as of now, it remains a dilemma if he is a married man, although several internet sites have claimed Herrera has a wife. He hasn’t made any comments regarding his love life.

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Unfold Herrera’s Net Worth & Earnings

Brandon Herrera must have made a decent net worth, but exact figures remain vague. He has earned his fortune through social media and an entrepreneurial career.

In addition, the handsome hunk is the co-owner of the Stark Media Group. His YouTube channel must be addressed as it is one of the revenue-adding sources for him.

Herrera’s self-titled YouTube channel has crossed over 2.9 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, he earns $3K to $48.8K monthly and $36.6K to $585.3K yearly through the YouTube ad program.

Herrera is the sole owner of the firearm manufacturing company The AK Guy. Through the company, he sells firearms such as AKG-47, including parts and accessories of firearms.

The Internet star continues to make riches through his business and YouTube, enjoying a lavish life.

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Brandon Herrera’s Bio: Age And Ethnicity

Brandon Herrera was born to his parents on November 20, 1996, in North Carolina, United States. His family originated in Texas. Talking about his ethnicity, he has not divulged anything.

However, some sites have mentioned he is Mexican, while some have claimed him to be Hispanic.

Herrera will be the age of twenty-seven after celebrating his birthday in November 2023. Speaking of his parents, both of Herrera’s parents come from a family who has a background in the military.

The social media star also shares a close relationship with his grandmother. He made a Twitter post featuring his grandmother and sharing a lovely time with her during her 90th birthday.

Brandon Herrera family
Brandon Herrera with his loving grandmother. [Photo: Brandon Herrera’s Twitter]

Moreover, Herrera attended Campbell University, focusing on pre-law education, but unfortunately dropped out to start a small business. After leaving Campbell University, he shifted his focus to firearm manufacturing.

Herrera occasionally mentions his family on social media but keeps the details under wrap. Currently, he has likely made his family proud through his success in the digital world and business.

Overall, Brandon Herrera has turned his lifelong passion for firearms into a business and means for his widespread social media presence through hard work and dedication.