Host Bree Tomasel Facts: Age, Lesbian, Partner, and Net Worth

Last Updated : November 10, 2023

Who is Bree Tomasel?

Bree Tomasel is a popular radio host for the ZM station in New Zealand. The host has also anchored for several programs on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Tomasel has been in the radio industry for less than a decade but has already earned a good name.

Tomasel is a very engaging host, loved for her enthusiasm and correct advice. In addition, she is loved by the audience for her remarkable and extraordinary life.

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Age, Birth, and Nationality

The radio host was born on 3 January 1989 in Australia. As of 2023, the celeb is 34 years old. Tomasel is a Capricon.

Bree Tomasel is Australian. She belongs to a mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian religion.

Family and Educational Background

Tomasel has a supportive and humourous family consisting of her parents, an elder sister, and a younger brother. The radio host grew up in Stanthorpe with her siblings, and the trio used to drive around the farms.

Bree Tomasel with her family. (Credit- Instagram)

There is little detailed information about the Treasure Island host’s family, but Bree’s social feed shows that she looks very close to her mother, as both enjoy posting funny videos.

Tomasel had a very joyous childhood in her hometown, where she was born. The host’s family supported her dreams ever since a young age as they gave in to the request to send her to a boarding school in Brisbane for better education.

After completing her high school journey, Bree pursued her degree in Communications and Journalism and went on to find her interest in radio hosting. To make a career in the radio industry, she joined Nova Entertainment in Brisbane and then moved to New Zealand to pursue her career.

Short Career History

The radio host had an interest in journalism from a young age. However, she later discovered her love for the radio industry. The star initially got famous from a video she posted in 2016 depicting awkward real-life moments.

The host used to capture her mother’s reaction by asking her rude and crude questions. Such videos of Tomasel helped garner her much following, including a Hollywood star, Channing Tatum. Tatum confessed his love for the radio host’s videos.

After her popularity, Bree got to host ZM’s Drive Show with Kiwi’s favorite, Clint Roberts. The start set off for her new life in New Zealand to work for the show. In an interview, the radio host said she was close to Clint Roberts and his wife.

Came Out Bi-sexual On-Air

The ZM host Bree Tomasel came out as bisexual during her on-air session. However, she was hiding this secret and couldn’t share it in her previous workplace, being unable to open up there.

She stated, “I’ve been in radio for 10 years and at my last job at the radio station I worked at previously… it was dropped that I should keep those parts of my life off the air!”

However, Tomasel was free to open up when she shifted to ZM and was made to feel like anything she wanted to share was up to her. At the radio station, she shared a loving relationship with listeners, sharing about her life.

Bree Tomasel is a popular radio host for the ZM station. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, the beautiful lady described coming out as bisexual on-air wasn’t a planned announcement; instead, it was due to her great relationship with listeners, as described on YOUR EX.

During her interview with Your ex, she further said, “This is me and I’m going to live my life for me, and that’s just how it unfolded on-air. This is just another story about my life. I didn’t really think about the details, I just told the truth.”

Shares A Romantic Relationship With Sophia Gould

The popular radio host shares a romantic relationship with her partner, Sophia Gould. She posts pictures with Gould on her Instagram, and both spend quality time together.

Furthermore, Bree Tomasel has also talked about tying the knot with Gould. While speaking of the wedding, she mentioned her partner’s brother getting married at the end of the year and said she would not steal anyone’s thunder per pressreader.

Tomasel further added, “When the time is right, it will be right, but it’s not right now.” It hints she has no plans to marry soon and will announce once the right time comes.

Bree Tomasel with Sophia Gould [Photo: Instagram]

According to the NZ Herald, on 19 February 2023, the beautiful host of Treasure Island and her partner Sophia Gould met on a dating service in 2018, but their relationship had a rocky beginning.

“The conversation died initially because I didn’t think Bree had good chat!”

Laughs Gould.

Giggling, Tomasel continues,

“She always makes fun of my first line I wrote on the app. But it clearly worked!”

Bree’s attempt to spark their passion with,

“Are you good at maths?”

Was unsuccessful, but the two still managed to go on their first date, which took place at a bar on Karangahape Rd. in Auckland.

“It was a slow burn,”

Confesses Tomasel.

“We didn’t rush into anything. We were both a bit guarded as we didn’t want to get hurt. But after that, we ended up hanging out pretty constantly.”

Bree Tomasel and her partner Sophia Gould together [Photo: NZHerald]

The gorgeous star resumes,

“Sophia’s one of the most loyal people I’ve ever met. We all go through some shitty situations, hard relationships, break-ups or whatever, but I’ve never felt like Sophia would ever do something like that to me, which is something so rare.

She does so much for me – supports me and laughs at my jokes, even when they’re not funny, which is lovely. And she’s just so caring. What she does for her work, you have to be a pretty amazing person”.

Gould is equally obsessed.

“Bree is super-loving and generous. She’s so giving to everyone, not just me. And obviously she’s hilarious. Whenever I’m sad, she does a dance!”

“Whitney gets involved,”

Tomasel laughs, saying that while the couple isn’t considering having human children, they’re open to it.

Bree with Sophia and their dogs [Photo: NZHerald]

Whitney Houston, a beautiful Cairn terrier who shares her birthday with the late diva, lives with the 34-year-old broadcaster and Sophia Gould.

The self-proclaimed “dog mums” are happy to have adopted Meryl Streep, a rescue puppy from the TVNZ 2 reality show The Dog House NZ.

After watching a friend’s dog at their Auckland home for a few months last year, Tomasel and Gould, who adopted Whitney in 2020, considered getting her a sister.

“It felt like the family was whole when he was here,” 

Says Tomasel. 

“I said to Sophia, ‘You know, growing up we always adopted dogs and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. We should look at rescuing one.”

How Much Does Bree Tomasel Make?

The host has earned enough wealth to lead a lavish lifestyle in over five years of radio industry work. According to All Famous Birthdays, her estimated net worth is $5 million, whereas her annual salary is around $75,000. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the star’s property and assets.

Physical Appearance

The radio host is gorgeous, with a great body, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall. The beautiful star frequently changes his hair color, which is currently brown. The eyes of the host are brown as well.

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Bree Tomasel 5 Quick Facts

  • The star is a fitness freak.
  • Bree is also known as a filmmaker.
  • Bree chose Journalism because she couldn’t continue playing softball because of her injury.
  • Before getting injured, she was athletic and played soccer, softball, the high jump, and the long jump.
  • The star loves cooking and baking.