Brian Guerin Is A Father Of Two, What About His Wife?

Last Updated : November 19, 2023

Speaker and Author Brian Guerin [Photo: Facebook/brian.guerin.9]

Brian Guerin is a proud father of two children, a son and a daughter. His baby boy’s name is Judah Guerin, and his baby girl’s name is Zoe Guerin.

He loves his children immensely and has raised them well. He spends more time with them, creating beautiful memories. Like him, his kids love Jesus.

Both of Guerin’s Children Are Into Jesus

As aforementioned, Brian Guerin’s kids adore Jesus. It is evident from their social media bios that the Lord is everything to them.

Guerin’s baby boy has stated, “Hungry for Jesus, Jesus lover.” In addition, his baby girl Zoe enjoys singing for Jesus.

His children are raised exceptionally in the father’s home. Judah and Zoe attended Ascend Academy, a two-year School of Ministry that leads to graduation and ordination with a third-year internship option.

Moreover, she went to Ignite Christian Academy. Her father found the academy online, and she enrolled in 2017. Her favorite subject is the Bible because she learns more about what God has given them and how great he is.

Brian Guerin’s son and daughter love Jesus [Source: Zoe’s Instagram]

She is proud of going around the world with her dad and brother, preaching the gospel, and loving on Jesus and people. No wonder her goal is to stay with her dad’s ministry, continuing to do it.  

Guerin celebrates his daughter’s birthday in September every year. In 2021, he wished her appreciating her love for Jesus, saying it was indescribable.

His son was born in May 2004 and turned 19 this year. They both like going to the movies, bowling, and fishing on their lake.

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Zoe and Judah Adore Their Father

Brian Guerin has a close-knit relationship with his two little ones. His son and daughter also adore and admire him for being such a wonderful father.

They both always appreciate their dad. Furthermore, Judah and Zoe always remember to wish him a Happy Birthday.

For example, in March 2019, she wished her father and thanked him for leading them to the secret place with Jesus, loving, encouraging, correcting, and guiding them. She also shared her dad’s book, God of Wonders, requesting that the netizens check out the book.

Brian Guerin’s son, Judah Guerin, and his daughter, Zoe Guerin, never failed to wish him a happy Birthday [Source: Guerin’s Instagram]

Moreover, Judah shares his dad’s picture on social media, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. He also praised him for teaching him to grow up, to be a Christian, and to preach God’s word. The author also posted a picture of him spending time with his children.

He is a caring father, and his heart belongs to his two exceptional children, with whom he enjoys his life while raising them nicely.

Guerin’s love for them is limitless, and he anxiously anticipates having memorable experiences with them. He always takes time for his children.

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Not Much Has Been Revealed About His Wife or Baby Mama

Brian Guerin has remained quiet about his personal life, especially his dating life. He still hasn’t revealed anything about his wife or baby mama.

Despite the fact that the author continually shares a picture with his children, he never mentions their baby mama. Furthermore, he has not stated whether or not he is married.

Brian Guerin still hasn’t disclosed about his children’s mom [Source: Guerin’s Instagram]

Guerin values his privacy and keeps certain things to himself. In addition, his children have also never mentioned their mother on social media.

It remains a mystery to people about his children’s mom. However, his kids are happy staying with him. He raised his babies well and often shared pictures of his beautiful moments with them on social media.