Bronwyn Vance’s Facts- Wiki, Age, Father, Mother, Brother, Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth

Last Updated : April 4, 2023

Who is Bronwyn Vance?

Bronwyn Vance is an American celebrity kid who is famous for her appearances. She is the daughter of a famous American acting duo, Courtney B.Vance, and Angela Bassett.

Moreover, she is quite popular among celebrity kids and is frequently seen with her parents and brother.

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How Old is Bronwyn Vance?

The celebrity kid was born in 2006 in the USA along with her twin brother. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 27th of January, making her an Aquarius.

Moreover, she is of African-American descent, and her nationality is American. As of 2023, she stepped into her sweet 17.

Bronwyn Vance’s Parents

Bronwyn grew up in the USA with her twin brother, Slater Josiah Vance. Her father, Courtney B. Vance, is a famous actor and producer. Similarly, her mother, Angela Bassett, is a famous actress, director, producer, and activist.

Bronwyn Vance's Family
Bronwyn Vance’s Family (Source: Verge Wiki)

The Famous American duo had Bronwyn and Slater through surrogacy and was blessed with twins on their first try. The twins have D’nette Bassett and Cecilie Vance as their aunts.


Talking about her education, there isn’t much information regarding that issue. However, considering her age, she is probably completing middle school or entering high school.

Short Career

Bronwyn Vance hasn’t yet marched towards building her career as she is still young and has yet to complete her studies. However, looking at her parents’ acting career, she might consider entering the industry.

Moreover, the little celebrity kid might make a good acting career considering her parents’ genes. But in addition, she is too young to be engaged in any professional field.

Bronwyn Vance Boyfriend, Dating

Vance is just entering her sweet 16s and is very young to be engaged in love or relationships. However, her mother, Angela, revealed that she has started dating and has a boyfriend in an interview.

In 2021, Angela told Us Weekly,

“My daughter asked if she could have a boyfriend, so she’s starting to date, but it’s still sweet.” She added, “Sometimes I’ll have the nerve to ask, ‘Have you kissed?’ And she says, ‘No.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, OK, well that wasn’t my journey.’”

But, talking about her parent’s marriage, they seem to be very much in love and are attached. The couple has been together for a lengthy time, even before marriage.

Bronwyn Vance's Parents
Bronwyn Vance’s Parents (credit- USWeekly)

The couple met in high school, where Courtney was Angela’s junior. They had just been friends for 14 years before deciding to date.

Finally, after being together for a long time, the couple decided to exchange vows. They got married on 12th October 1997. As of 2023, the couple will celebrate their 26th anniversary or their silver jubilee of marriage.

Physical Appearance

The teen is undoubtedly a beautiful young girl. She stands at a height of 145 centimeters and has an average weight. Moreover, she has curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Furthermore, her skin tone is dark, and she has a beautiful smile. However, other information regarding her body measurements is unknown.

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Net Worth

Bronwyn is a young teenage girl in her sweet 16. Thus, she hasn’t decided on her career or profession yet. So, she doesn’t exactly have a net worth.

Her parents’ net worth is a combined net worth of around $50 million. However, other information about their assets and properties is unknown to the media.

Bronwyn Vance’s 7 Quick Facts

  • When she was a baby, Vance was a guest on The Opera Winfrey Show.
  • Unlike most teenagers, she is not interested in social media.
  • She has a keen interest in music and art.
  • Bronwyn isn’t into acting and doesn’t seem to be following in her parent’s footsteps.
  • She and her brother have been dealing with the problem of racism since childhood, according to their mother, Angela.
  • She hasn’t watched her mother’s famous movie, What’s Love Got to Do With It.
  • Her parents have protected her from the spotlight, and she grew up as a ‘normal child.’