Both Bryan Schuerman And His Boyfriend Are Swifties

Last Updated : November 5, 2023

Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman and his boyfriend Johnathan Smith [Photo: Facebook/BSchuermanWX]

Bryan Schuerman has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Johnathan Smith. The two have been together for couple of years.

Both of them are die-heart Taylor Swift fans and never missed the opportunity to watch her live on her concert.

Schuerman And His Boyfriend Secured Last Minutes Ticket

It’s always special when we believe we won’t be able to get it yet manage to do so at the last minute. Like example, Schuerman and his boyfriend have an epic date night in June when they get the ticket of Taylor Swift concert ticket at the last minute.

Schuerman and Smith enjoyed the event. But when they were getting ready to leave Ford Field, one person tapped on his shoulder and asked for his Instagram.

Then, the person sends him the video of him and Jonathan during the ‘Lover’ song. His boyfriend was putting his arm around him, and they were loving each other at that time, enjoying the song.

Bryan Schuerman and his boyfriend, Johnathan Smith, are huge fans of Taylor Swift [Source: Instagram]

Later on, when they were back home, he processed the last 24 hours in his mind. He thought that Detroit was good, but the Pittsburgh event of Taylor Swift was by far better.

Before they entered Acrisure Stadium, Johnathan could snag floor seats for the show. The pair were able to experience being within feet of Taylor Swift, the energy, and the music. So, it was the best experience for them.

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The Lovely Couple’s Social Media Presence

Schuerman and Smith have been dating since 2021, as per Smith’s Facebook account. Before than, it could be seen in his social media profile that before that, he had talked more about his work.

Then, he changed the topic and talked about his relationship with him in 2022. He posted several photos of him and Smith on vacation together.

In July 2021, he celebrated his birthday with Jonathan Smith in Washington, D.C. He also stated that he had no idea where he would be if he had him by his side.

“At home, across the country, and even across the world, we are in it together!” he went on to say. Furthermore, he also received surprises from his boyfriend.

Johnathan Smith surprised Bryan Schuerman on his birthday in 2022 [Source: Twitter]

One of them is Smith surprised him on his birthday in July 2022. He planned a three-day birthday trip to Los Angeles to spend time with his family and celebrate his birthday.

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Who Is Bryan Schuerman’s Boyfriend?

Johnathan Smith was born in 1990 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. He is 33 years old and currently lives in Ferndale, Michigan.

He is currently employed as a flight attendant for a major US airline, and he is from South Charlotte. He formerly worked for PSA Airlines, which he departed in 2019.

He began his job as a sales associate at Express in 2012. He relocated to Cary, North Carolina, a year later. He then went to work at Carefirst Animal Hospital in Glenwood.

He was a Care Technician for animals. He resigned in November 2013 and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Johnathan Smith is a flight attendant at Delta Airlines [Source: Smith’s Facebook]

Later, in December 2016, he began work at Brightmore of South Charlotte. He also obtained some personal records in 2021 at Orangetheory Fitness St. Augustine. He improved his mile run time by increasing the weights on the weight floor.

Talking about his education, he started his school at Raleigh Christian Academy in August 1995. Then, Smith completed his graduation from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.