Bulent Gurcan Is A Father Of Two, What About His Wife?

Last Updated : November 6, 2023

Producer Bulent Gurcan [Photo: Instagram/barehandedkiller]

Bulent Gurcan is a father of two children, a son and a daughter. His baby boy’s name is Attila, and his baby girl’s name is Penelope.

He is incredibly in love with his kids and spends more time with them while making wonderful memories. He is raising his children well.

Raising His Two Children Well

Gurcan is a caring father as well as a fierce survivor. His heart belongs to his two exceptional children, with whom he enjoys his life while raising them nicely.

The proud father often shares adorable images of his children on Instagram, offering his fans a glimpse of the priceless moments he spends with them.

In March 2021, he posted his kids’ image when they were having a meal. It was his first meal after almost four months, and it was the one he didn’t cook. He said that he felt strange dining out and that the kids love to eat Bibimbap.

In the same year, his son, Attilo, also got a surprise with the 2021 Barehanded Killer calendar. Gurcan’s little one was delighted to receive it, and it also made him smile.

Bulent Gurcan with his son and daughter [Source: Gurcan’s Instagram]

Furthermore, once, when he posted a picture with his kids, captioning, “Fi navy with my kiddos,” a person added that, despite the photo being a lie, they still loved it.

The netizen claimed that it was a fake meetup and not a random photo from that meetup, and he never paid child support. “Don’t you think it’s bad to lie about seeing your kids when you’re the NO BULLS*IT BULENT?” the user asked.

It also raised the question of whether he is together with his wife or not.

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Gurcan’s Wife Is No Longer in the Picture

Gurcan and his wife Estela Legaspy shared the wedding vows on March 7, 2008. Their wedding ceremony was held at El Paso Country, TX, per the Ancient Faces.

However, the pair haven’t been seen together. While he shares photos of his children, there is not a single picture of his wife on his social media.

Moreover, as mentioned, the user alleged that the two have already parted ways, saying Gurcan didn’t pay child support.

Even more, as per Legaspy’s profile in Crossfit games, she is a single mom and trying to become stronger both mentally and physically for her children.

However, neither of them have confirmed anything about their marital status. Also, although Gurcan’s baby mama is active on Twitter and Facebook, she hasn’t shared anything about her children on social media.

The last time she shared about their kid on Twitter was in 2017. Likewise, two years before that, in 2015, she was spotted with her two kids attending the AFWA Golf Outing Fundraiser.

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Where Is Gurcan’s Baby Mama Now?

Estela Legaspy currently lives in Dallas, Texas, working as an internal audit manager at Charles Schwab. She started her career in January 2016 as PwC Experienced Assurance Associate.

There, she spent two years and joined Guaranty Bank & Trust as Senior Internal Auditor. In February 2020, she left the company and went to Protiviti.

She worked there as Manager, Internal Audit & Financial Advisory Practice for three years and one month. Later on, in February 2023, she joined Charles Schwab.

Bulent Gurcan’s wife, Estela Legaspy, works as an Internal audit manager at Charles Schwab [Source: Legaspy’s Twitter]

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2014 from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). After that, she earned her Master of Accountancy and Audit & Financial Accounting degree from UTEP.

Furthermore, in 2021, she went to Cannon Financial Institute to study Trust Audit and Compliance and risk management.