Did Camille Hyde And Her Shooting Specialist Boyfriend Split Up?

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Camille Hyde and her boyfriend Connor Jean

Camille Hyde and her boyfriend, Connor Jean, have been dating since 2018. However, the present state of their relationship has caught the public’s attention.

They have no appearance on each other’s social handles, raising questions about whether they have separated. The concern remains if they have walked away from each other’s lives.

No Longer Following Each Other on Instagram

Camille Hyde and her boyfriend, Connor Jean, used to feature each other on their social media at times earlier. Nonetheless, the scenario has changed, and they don’t post many photos now.

In addition, it looks like Hyde has deleted some of her posts featuring her boyfriend. Some are still left, as she hasn’t completely erased his picture from her social handle.

Camille Hyde dated Connor Jean. [Photo: Camille Hyde’s Instagram]

The loving duo are no longer following one another on Instagram. Likewise, considering all the points, they are likely broken up in private without notifying their fans.

With no concrete information, random speculations can’t be made, and it remains unknown for now.

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A Brief Look Into Connor Jean and Their Relationship

Connor Jean is a former Division 1 basketball player at WCC and is a skill enhancement trainer. His journey began when he was four years old.

In addition, Jean is also an entrepreneur who runs his coaching class for basketball. He builds a custom program for each player he works with & assists them in reaching their highest goal.

Jean is a trainer who moves forward with the intention of developing bright players. He has stated that he doesn’t put his players through a feel-good workout; instead, he wants them to struggle to succeed later.

Moreover, the entrepreneur once received the Eric Griffin Award during his high school years in basketball. Moving ahead, he did his undergrad in B.A. from a top 7 entrepreneurship school in 2016.

Jean later completed his Master’s graduation from the University of West Georgia in 2017. During his special moment, his parents came across the country to see his graduation.

Connor Jean with his parents during Master’s graduation. [Photo: Connor Jean’s Instagram]

He thanks his parents for their constant love and giving him support. He thanks them for helping him through many challenging times, and with their support, Jean believes he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.

Coming back to his relationship, Jean and Hyde met at a game night in 2018. Reportedly, the actress thought of jumping for love the moment she met the highly skilled NBA basketball trainer.

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Is the Mother of Petunia Jean

Camille Hyde is already a mom to her dog, Petunia Jean. She is a puggy mix rescue living the good life with Hyde and Jean and even has her official Instagram account.

Hyde used to parent Petunia with her boyfriend, Connor Jean. Similarly, they used to take her hiking and spend time on the beach, including celebrating Christmas with her.

Camille Hyde and Connor Jean with their furry baby. [Photo: Petunia Jean’s Instagram]

The Riverdale actress also features her furry baby on social media such as TikTok. She once featured Petunia on her Tiktok and captioned it with, “My baby is going to be a star.”

Before dating Jean, Hyde previously shared a romantic relationship with Brennan Mejia. They started dating in 2015 and broke up a year later in 2016, but the reason remains undiscovered.

In conclusion, Camille Hyde and Connor Jean’s relationship status remains unknown due to their absence on each other’s Instagram. Hopefully, they haven’t broken up and share a blissful romantic life.