Is Burgess Abernethy Cariba Heine’s Boyfriend? Know the Truth

Last Updated : November 2, 2023

Actress and Dancer Cariba Heine [Photo: Instagram/caribaheine]

Cariba Heine is a stunning and talented actress. She has made a huge fan following from her stellar performance in the movies and series.

As a result, many of her fans have always been curious to find out about her personal life, especially the ins and outs of her relationships.

Netizens have been wondering if the stunning actress is dating someone. However, there are online speculations that she has dated Burgess Abernethy.

Unveiling the Truth about Her Rumor Boyfriend Burgess Abernethy

Among several speculations about her dating life, the DailyMail claimed that the actress was previously in a relationship with the Australian actor Burgess Abernethy.

Heine and her alleged boyfriend had shared as the on-screen couple in the movie H20: Just Add Water. There, he portrayed the Zane Bennett character.

The above-mentioned publication claimed that even though their relationship was tumultuous in the series, Burgess and Heine, who portrayed Rikki for four years, became a committed pair off-screen.

In addition, the pair traveled to Australia in late 2017 and enjoyed each other’s company, as well as the views of Sydney Harbor.

Cariba Heine’s rumored boyfriend, Burgess Abernethy, frequently shared her pictures on his Instagram back in 2017 [Source: Abernethy’s Instagram]

The handsome actor Abernethy has frequently posted their picture in that year. But in February 2018, he was set to go to Vancouver, Canada, to film the character Prince William in Lifetime’s 2018 biopic, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.

The online magazine wondered if she would follow him to Vancouver, Canada. While they still follow each other on Instagram, it’s unknown whether they were romantically linked or not.

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Heine Was Rumored to Be Dating Actor Jamie Timony

The beautiful actress rumor didn’t end there since she hasn’t disclosed anything about her relationship on social media.

So, another speculation started on the internet, saying she was dating Abernethy’s brother, Jamie Timony. Moreover, as per WDW, the two started dating in July 2008 and have been dating for over fifteen years. Some other sites also claimed that the two are already engaged.

The duo was also seen together in the movie H2O: Just Add Water, where he portrayed the Nate character.

Cariba Heine is rumored to be dating Jamie Timony since 2008 [Source: Instagram]

Like Abernethy, Timony and Heine followed each other on Instagram. But they have never posted each other’s pictures till now.

Nevertheless, Timony constantly posts his picture with the girl named Purient. However, it’s not revealed if Heine is currently in a relationship with someone.

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Cariba Heine Moved to Australia at the Age of Three

Heine was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on October 1, 1998. However, later, she moved to Australia at the age of three with her parents and older brother, Kyle.

At the age of fifteen, she started her professional dancing career; however, a career-ending hip injury forced her to transition into acting.

After falling in love with storytelling through a more literal medium, Cariba has continued to work in several creative industries and in front of and behind cameras. In addition, she also played Isabelle in ABC Australia’s dance academy.

Cariba Heine is a South African actress known for her appearance in H2O: Just Add Water [Source: Heine’s Instagram]

She made her debut in the entertainment industry with her first-ever movie, Bait 3D, in 2012, where she played the Heather character. But she is well known for her appearance in the movie H2O: Just Add Water.

Over the years, she has appeared in several movies and television series, giving stellar performances. However, despite being active on social media, she never disclosed her boyfriend.