Are Carolyn Wiger and John Cochran Engaged To Be Married?

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Carolyn Wiger and her partner
Carolyn Wiger and her partner [Photo:]

Carolyn Wiger, a drug counselor from Minnesota, came into the limelight in Survivor‘s forty-fourth season. As a result, people have been curious to know about her, especially her love life.

Well, she had posted something about saying yes to John Cochran, an American Television writer who has appeared in the 23rd and 26th seasons of the same show.

What is Cooking Between Them?

In a tweet, Wiger wrote, “The answer is yes!!” while mentioning Cochran. However, a Reddit user said although they wished that was the case, she is married. Surprisingly, their claim got a reply from the girl herself.

Wiger wasn’t married, and she claimed to be single. Another individual also questioned her, saying that they thought she was married, but she stated she had never been married and was in her freedom era.

Wiger said she is single and has never married. [Photo: Reddit]

Further, that same individual was happy for her, said she was sober, and would always root for her.

But some Reddit users didn’t believe her and said she was already married, while others were confused. Furthermore, others were shipping her and Cochran’s relationship and were happy about it.

All in all, Cochran hasn’t shared any official posts stating that he is in a relationship with her.

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Is Happily Married to Mike Boche

The drug counselor has loved confusing her audiences. Well, she has been engaged with her partner, Mike Boche, who works at Schindler Elevator Corporation since March 8, 2014. Further, they have yet to reveal when they began dating one another.

But, she mentioned her boyfriend in 2010, writing that he loves her, and identified herself as a pansexual through her Twitter. Furthermore, the lovely couple bought a house together in 2020 and enjoyed an active life.

They love playing baseball and ice hockey and sometimes run together. Moreover, it was reported that Boche and Wiger had exchanged their wedding vows in October 2018, but there haven’t been any official statements from them regarding their wedding.

Additionally, both of them are on the path to recovery from drug addiction. Wiger has celebrated her 14th year of remaining sober, and her partner has also stayed clean for 11 years.

Wiger and her partner, Boche have now recovered from drug addiction together. [Photo: Wiger’s Instagram]

Furthermore, every year Boche’s sister, Raylee, has congratulated him for visiting sober and is proud of him.

Well, Wiger and Boche’s relationship has perplexed the audiences, as she had mentioned on Reddit that she is single. Moreover, the engaged couple don’t follow each other on their social media handles.

Overall, she has a confusing relationship with her partner, but they have supported one another and stayed strong during their recovery journey.

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She Shares a Son With Her Partner

Wiger and Boche were blessed with an adorable baby boy on August 2, 2013. She revealed her pregnancy through her Instagram post, saying she didn’t know that pregnant ladies couldn’t get a tattoo.

Moreover, she had also shared an ultrasound image of her baby. When she was about to reach 23 weeks of pregnancy, she uploaded a mirror selfie of her baby bump and captioned, “23 weeks tomorrow! Baby boy Boche!!”

Wiger was enjoying her time with her partner and their son. [Photo: Wiger’s Facebook]

She also updated her audience about her pregnancy and shared that there were 12 more days to go. After the birth of her baby, her heart melted because she loved her son very much.

Furthermore, the kid was born and raised while they were in recovery from drug addiction. Her son started kindergarten in 2018; since then, she hasn’t shared any updates about his education.

Nevertheless, Wiger and her partner are proud parents of their kid, who is now a ten-year-old boy.