Charlotte Dobre’s First Valentine With Boyfriend Ended in Tears

Last Updated : October 15, 2023

Comedian and Youtuber Charlotte Dobre with her boyfriend Mike Ricci [Photo: Instagram/themikericci]

Charlotte Dobre has found her lover in a comedian. Her boyfriend, Mike Ricci, has a great sense of humor, and they have bonded very well.

Over the years, the couple has loved to collaborate on comedy skits and YouTube videos together. Plus, the two of them celebrated their first Valentine’s Day some months ago and shared their happiness and Joy with their followers.

Celebrated Their Very First Valentine’s Day

The YouTuber celebrated her first Valentine’s with the actor in February 2023. On the occasion, Ricci laid roses on the bedroom floor and sang a beautiful song for Dobre.

The moment was magical, and the writer could not stop smiling or hold her tears back.

Their relationship started around late 2022 when they frequently appeared on each other’s social media accounts.

The Comic Shared A Picture Of Her Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day [Photo: Charlotte Dobre’s Instagram]

Well, the couple have made numerous appearances in public together. For instance, they attended the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival together. The YouTuber shared the beautiful moment on Twitter with the caption, “Me and my hot date.”

And Ricci once featured Dobre on his Instagram in June 2022 in a series of pictures that showcased them exploring a magnificent city.

Besides, before she got into a relationship with Ricci, she previously posted a picture with a guy on Instagram. She captioned the post, “Me n’ my valentine @ricksteady05.”

But the comic has not made any comment about her supposed relationship with him.

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She Surprised Her Boyfriend for His Birthday

Ricci, who did not like to celebrate his birthday, had a surprise waiting for him as Dobre planned a secret getaway dedicated just for him.

The artist was always disappointed on the occasion. According to the writer, her boyfriend always planned parties for his friends, but they never did the same for him.

So, to change that, the comic wanted to do something extraordinary and planned a trip for the two of them. As Ricci always wanted to visit Miami, Dobre booked a Soho House there.

Further, she recited a short and sweet poem for him during the birthday dinner with their friends and family. Her lovely gesture was applauded by Ricci, along with other attendees at the party.

Dobre Recited A Poem, Dedicated To Her Partner. [Photo: Charlotte Dobre’s YouTube]

All in all, the comic surprised her partner on his birthday, urging him to catch a flight to Miami.

She requested a welcome dessert, chocolate strawberries, and champagne to make the occasion more memorable.

Their Couple’s Dynamics Is Immaculate

Ever since the two of them have been together, Dobre and Ricci’s bond has become stronger every day. The writer’s boyfriend has expressed his love for her on several occasions.

On 2023’s Valentine’s Day, he penned she was a hilarious, loving, and generous person. Ricci added her new nickname was, Stolen Yam because she was a hot potato.

Further, their chemistry and sense of humor are evident in the skits and videos they feature on their social media accounts.

For instance, they did a sketch comedy where they reacted to one of their friends getting engaged. The couple went on to congratulate them but soon started to have a humorous exchange with each other.

Further, their humor had no limits as the comic convinced her partner to play mermaid alongside her.


We love a good sport 🤣🧜‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️ @Mike Ricci #mermaids #mermaidlife

♬ original sound – Charlotte Dobre

Besides, the couple enjoys shooting shorts like the one inspired by Love Lucy. The video was featured on Ricci’s Instagram and YouTube channels.

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Her Boyfriend Is Greatly Talented

Born in Toronto, Ricci is a classically trained actor with Israeli, Iraqi, English, and Danish roots. According to his bio, the actor’s father changed his name in the late 80s.

After graduating from theatre school in 2017, Ricci studied film at several studios, including Pro Actors Lab, Armstrong Acting Studio, The Lighthouse, The Dirt, and LB Acting Studio.

The actor is a talented, dynamic performer with a background ranging from contemporary to classical drama and physical comedy. And it looks like he is also into directing.

Further, his love and dedication for acting resulted in appearances in commercials and films such as Hard Proof, Fear Thy Neighbor, and OxyCorp.