Stylist Chaz Dean’s Age, Family, Gay, Dating, Height, Net Worth

Last Updated : November 8, 2023

Who Is Chaz Dean?

The renowned celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean is prominently recognized for working with famous personalities like Alyssa Milano, Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliann Marguiles, and Ben Foster.

Dean is also a well-known photographer and founder of a hair and beauty care company, WEN. In addition, the hairstylist is a producer recognized for Tuxedo Terrace, Flipping Out, and Kirby Jenner.  

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Short Bio: Age, Nationality

On July 23, 1974, Chaz Dean was born in Vermont, USA, but grew up in numerous states such as Arizona, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

He belongs to the White ethnicity and holds American nationality. Furthermore, his birth sign is Leo. As of January 2023, Dean celebrated his 48th birthday. He has been residing in Los Angeles, California, since the mid-80s.

About Dean’s Family: Parents & Siblings

The hairstylist used to share a close relationship with his adoptive parents, James Dean and Joan Dean. Dean penned a heartwrenching message on his social media after his father, James, died on June 26, 2021.

Chaz Dean’s Late Parents (Source: Instagram)

He expressed his gratitude towards his father, reflecting the love and respect Dean had for his dad. Likewise, Dean’s mother also passed away more than 20 years ago because of cancer.

Furthermore, Dean still misses his adoptive parents and sees them as the heavenly guardians. He recently uploaded an Instagram post reminiscing about them.

In an interview with QVCtv, Chaz revealed that he and his brother, Jimmy, and his sister were adopted. He even disclosed that his brother died as a hero on September 13, 1997, after saving a boy caught in a riptide.

Remembering him on his 24th death anniversary, Chaz shared a picture of Jimmy honoring his death. Furthermore, Dean also wished his niece, Shaine, to be born on the same date as that post.

Moreover, Dean also shares a good rapport with his biological mother, Millie Jane Berry, with whom he reconnected in September 1998. He approached Mille at the age of 24 and rebuilt their relationship.

Furthermore, Dean also shared a close relationship with his biological mother’s husband, Denny. He used to admire their lovely marital life and way of sharing love with all those around them.

Sadly, Denny passed away after a battle with cancer on September 2, 2018. He remembers him with all the love, honor, and respect that Denny deserves for being a lovable personality.

Unfortunately, Dean also lost his birth mother on July 19, 2021. Scrolling through his social media, the hairstylist’s followers get insights into his close bond with his family.


Chaz graduated high school in California, after which he focused on building his photography career at 19. Later, Dean recognized that to portray his vision, he needed to learn makeup and hairstyling art, and he received a degree from a cosmetology school.

Career History

Chaz is a veteran hairstylist with 25 years of experience influencing the beauty world with his WEN company. He started his career as a beauty assistant, after which he was promoted to manager at 22.

Dean then climbed the stairs of popularity after many salons praised his deep conditioners and eventually inaugurated his salon, Chaz Dean Studio.

With time, he made a prominent name in the celebrity world and even worked with celebrities like Angie Harmo, Holly Robbinson Peete, Mig-Na Wen, Gilles Marini, and many more.

Likewise, Chaz launched WEN Hair And Body Care By Chaz Dean in 2005 and was ranked as the number one haircare brand on QVC in 2015. Currently, WEN has more than 350 products, expanding its range to men, kids, and pet care.

Is Dean Gay?

Chaz’s followers are curious to unveil the secrets of his personal life. Though he never shies away from showering love for his family on social media, Dean has not shared much about his relationship status.

However, for L.A. Famous, he spilled the bean he was not dating on October 12, 2020. Moreover, he also disclosed that his significant other must do something unique to capture his heart.

Likewise, Chaz also shared a throwback picture with a lady on social media, referring to her as his high school girlfriend.

But that has not stopped his followers from assuming his sexuality as gay, and various website articles have also labeled him gay.

Likewise, Dean also uploaded his profile on Facebook in 2019 with captioned pictures, “But I’m Gay,” which might signify himself recognized as a gay individual.

But, the hairstylist is not married yet and is focused on building his professional life.

Does Chaz Dean Have A Boyfriend?

As stated above, Chaz Dean referred to some girl as his high school girlfriend in the past. However, there is nothing to explore about his girlfriend’s personal life.

Furthermore, he once made a Twitter post and penned, “My Boyfriend is back” in March 2019. Nonetheless, the stylist didn’t mention anything about his name, keeping things under wrap.

Chaz Dean made a tweet about his boyfriend. [Photo: Twitter]

In conclusion, it seems Dean was in a relationship with his boyfriend in 2019. Due to his privacy, he must have kept the details about him low-key away from the prying public eyes.

Chaz Dean’s Height, Body

The hairstylist, Chaz, stands tall at 5 ft 11 inches. Yet, even at 47, he has maintained his body and is currently flaunting his shoulder-length hair and square-shaped specs.

His Net Worth & Earnings

Chaz Dean stands strong, having an admirable net worth of $100 million per the details of Celebrity Net Worth. He has earned this wealth by being a renowned American stylist and entrepreneur.

Dean is a renowned stylist, charging around $300 for a haircut. His established career and product line, WEN Hair & Body Care, reflect that he has garnered a substantial net worth.

He makes a good fortune by selling his haircare & skincare products, including other accessories. Some of his products include Lavender cleansing conditioner and Winter White Berry Treatment Oil.

In 2011, Dean also did a house tour for his new home in West Chester, PA, for QVCtv, implying his comfortable lifestyle. In addition, internet sources revealed that he bought a luxurious house worth $10 million in New York.

Chaz Dean’s 5 Quick Facts:

  • Chaz has three Labradors breed dogs.
  • From his Instagram, it looks like Chaz is fond of gardening.
  • He has also contributed to charities and foundations such as Global Green, Love is Louder, The Fight Against Pediatric AIDS, and many more.
  • Chaz’s product line, WEN, won seven QVC Beauty Awards in 2020.
  • He also has a YouTube channel with 5K subscribers as of January 2022.