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Last Updated : June 12, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 28 Years OldGay/Lesbian: LGBT

Who is Chelsea Hart?

Chelsea Hart is a well-known content producer who talks about religion, science, medicine, and history from a progressive viewpoint. She also debunks conspiracy theories and enjoys Bollywood. Her TikTok account, chelseahartisme, has over 1.5 million followers.

Chelsea Hart Age, Nationality

Chelsea Hart was born in Alaska, United States on November 10, 1993. Her birth sign is Scorpio.

Chelsea Hart and Modern Warrior Drama

Chelsea Hart is speaking up about her romance with fellow TikTok star Lance Tsosie.

Chelsea, an Alaskan activist with over 1.7 million followers on TikTok, came to the platform yesterday to dispel rumors about Lance and share her experience.

The creator said that she was just in a six-month long-distance love relationship with Lance. Lance, also known on social media as Modern Warrior, has about 3 million TikTok followers and is well known for tweeting about Native American culture.

Chelsea Hart and Modern Warrior
Chelsea Hart and Modern Warrior

Chelsea alleges Lance proposed a polyamorous relationship, which she quickly declined. “I assumed he’d oblige until we could speak about it later,” she said of their intentions to meet in person.

Chelsea later traveled to Denver to see Lance “under the guise” that polygamy was not an option. Less than a day after their meeting, Chelsea discovered Lance was on a date with another lady after he shared a TikTok with her.

Lance “felt entitled” to her body, according to Chelsea, since he had helped her heal from horrific events, and she had learned to trust him.

Lance apologized to Chelsea in a TikTok video that has since been removed. “I’m sorry our friendship has come to this,” he remarked. “I really apologize for not being the effective communicator that I desired to be.”

“I may be pregnant with your kid, and you’re apologizing for your communication?” Chelsea replied promptly to Lance’s apologies.

She went on to claim that considering the trauma she’s been through, she would “never opened up [her] body so intimately” to Lance if she knew he wasn’t loyal.

“Do not even try to apologize for your communication,” she warned. “Why don’t you apologize for using my vulnerability to get into my pants?”

Following the back-and-forth, a lady called Amanda Marie has come forward with a narrative that is “similar” to Chelsea’s. “He denied me informed consent,” Amanda claimed of Lance after discovering he reportedly lied about sleeping with other people.

Amanda explains that she is “not condoning” any of the Lance rumors spreading online by “white nationalist nazis.”

“All of that is false. “That is incorrect,” she stated. “But he’s a liar and a manipulator, and I promised him I wouldn’t [make a video], and I told myself I wouldn’t do it, but I’m doing it because this is nuts.”

Since then, white TikTok members have been abusing an indigenous lady Lance shared on his social media platforms around the time of Chelsea’s visit to Denver. Chelsea has gone to TikTok one final time, pleading with people not to throw hatred her way since “she was also a victim.”

Other TikTok creators have weighed in on the subject in the days thereafter, particularly on the issue of informed vs ignorant consent. Some TikTok users have described Chelsea’s position as “uninformed consent,” citing the fact that she accepted to be intimate with Lance under the false pretense that he was not dating anyone else.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, black activist @auntkaren0 implied that Lance’s behavior was tantamount to sexual assault.

Lance replied to the video by calling it “misinformation” and “stupid.”

Chelsea Hart then posted multiple TikTok videos in which she revealed more about her connection with Lance. She also reportedly gave him films during their connection while she was in a very emotional condition and suffering with the grief of losing a child. These videos, which have since been removed, prompted TikTok viewers to doubt her motivations as well as the veracity of her claim.

As Chelsea’s online behavior became more alarming, followers appeared to turn on the creator, calling her out for promoting negative comments about Lance and continuing to trash his name. While many people believe Lance was cheating on her, there is a significant distinction between being cheated on and being sexually attacked.

Several of Chelsea’s strongest supporters have since withdrawn their support and apologized to Lance. Aunt Karen has come out to claim that Chelsea coerced her into revealing her narrative for her own personal advantage, while Amanda Marie has created a video stating that she was also used as a pawn and that Chelsea’s current behavior proves she’s doing it all for publicity.

At the time of writing, Chelsea had not responded to the reaction.

Chelsea Hart Insta Story of June 10, 2022
Chelsea Hart Insta Story of June 10, 2022

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5 Quick Facts About [Topic Name]

  • She started making posts on TikTok in August of the year 2020.
  • Chelsea Hart is a lady from Alaska who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.
  • She listens to Barbra Streisand all the time and loves her music.
  • Chelsea Hart has short hair with light brown eyes.
  • She has more than 2 tattoos on her body.

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