Chris Fallica and His Wife Are Still Head Over Heels

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

FOX Sports Commentator Chris Fallica and his wife, Molly Falica [Photo: Instagram/chrisfallica]

Chris Fallica leads a prosperous marital life with his wife, Molly Falica. Their romantic journey has also aged well like a fine wine with time, and they continue to share a long-standing marital life.

Let’s learn the secret of what is keeping their love life everlasting in brief.

Have Been Married Since the Mid-2000s

Chris Fallica and his wife, Molly Falica, walked down the aisle on October 2, 2007. Likewise, they have led a successful marriage for over one and a half decades since exchanging vows.

The groom looked dashing in a suit during the wedding, while the bride was stunning in her white gown. However, the lovey-dovey couple has kept the details regarding their relationship low-key.

Chris Fallica and his loving better half. [Photo: Molly Fallica’s Facebook]

Fallica’s partner hasn’t shared much, and her Instagram is also private. However, he isn’t entirely private and has posted their pictures several times, often mentioning her in his posts and tweets.

Several sites have reported they met while working at ESPN. However, it remains a speculation as it lacks concrete proof, and neither has mentioned it publicly.

Fallica celebrates the birthday of his better half every year in September. Also, he has noted that his spouse is a saint and thanks her for putting up with him all these years.

Moreover, Fallica’s lady is originally from Pittsburgh. Moreover, the pair haven’t unveiled if they have a kid.

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Despite Fallica’s Passion For the Hurricanes, His Wife Stands Firm in Fandom Elsewhere

It is not necessarily important that the lovely couple need to have similar interests to stick together for the long run, and that applies to this adorable duo. Chris Fallica is a fan of the Hurricanes football team, but it’s not the same with Molly.

His soulmate is a fan of Notre Dame, and her entire family also joins the squad. Molly’s father went to Notre Dame, and her grandfather was the team’s vice president when Ara Parseghian was the coach.

Molly also has other team preferences under her sleeves, which Fallica often discusses on Twitter. He often mentions that she is from Pittsburgh and is a massive Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Chris Fallica tweeted about his wife. [Photo: Twitter]

Regarding ice hockey, Molly is a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, aka Pens, while Fallica is a fan of the New York Islanders, aka Isles. He often teases his spouse and provokes her, who is a fan of pens, whenever possible.

As of 2014, Mrs. Fallica Worked for ESPN

While working In ESPN, Fallica’s lovely spouse, Molly, was a senior college football and golf coordinator. She also ensured that all the announcers got where they needed to go and that everything was on schedule.

Molly started working at ESPN in 1998, and it remains mysterious if she has continued working there. It was the year 2008 when she began working in golf and claimed The Open as one of her favorite events.

Due to Molly’s privacy, it is unknown in which company she currently works or has left working.

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The Lovely Couple Has Been to Numerous Vacations

The romantic love birds have cherished their marital journey, traveling to different places and capturing beautiful moments. He also updates fans about their trips on his social media accounts.

Fallica booked his cruise from Seabourn cruise for their amazing trip. He and his beloved went to Greek and Turkish sites for a while, such as Jerusalem, and the Seabourn cruise made it possible for them.

Chris Fallica and his wife at Jerusalem. [Photo: Chris Fallica’s Instagram]

In addition, Fallica has also traveled to South Africa and enjoyed a fantastic two-week trip in South of France. They have a short list of potential vacation sites, and Lisbon was on the list in 2017.

The beautiful Rome of Italy also falls among the traveled locations of the duo. Moreover, Fallica and his significant other also enjoyed their vacation to Croatia.