Chris Franjola Prefers To Keep His Wife and Personal Life Away

Last Updated : November 25, 2023

Chris Franjola

Chris Franjola’s relationship and wife are topics of curiosity on the internet. Also, multiple sites have claimed that he is married to Erica Goldstein.

However, Franjola prefers to keep his romantic life under wraps and likely wants to keep it low-key. So, here is everything to know about his romantic life.

Is Chris Franjola Married?

If we have to believe what is on the internet, it’s a yes, and he is a married man with a wife. According to the registry on The Knot, Chris Franjola and Erica Goldstein had their marriage on August 4, 2018.

Chris Franjola keeps his personal life private. [Photo: Chris Franjola’s Instagram]

Furthermore, they planned on purchasing and had wish-listed various products for their wedding. Sur la table, WILLIAMS SONOMA, and West Elm were their preferred online buying shops for their products.

Some of their requested items were mid-century lanterns, copper-measuring cups, and a tovolo yolk-out egg separator. It seems they planned everything on their own for their wedding.

All the purchased items were bought for the purpose of marriage, and they primarily focused on purchasing kitchen items.

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Were Expecting a Daughter Back in 2019

Chris Franjola and his spouse Goldstein were expecting a baby girl in August 2019, according to the details of Harvard-Westlake Life Magazine. She also mentioned being promoted in the particular magazine.

Furthermore, it is stated that Franjola has riffed about being the father of a 3-year-old per THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW article published in October 2022. Likely, the comedian is already a dad raising a kid.

Franjola also feels having a child at his age is tiring but also thinks it keeps you young. He also said he did not have a child earlier because he used to have many wild times in his 30s and 40s.

Nevertheless, Franjola hasn’t revealed anything regarding his kids. Fans can witness nothing to explore on his social media handle regardless of his professional life.

While some celebrity’s family and love lives are like open books, it’s not the case with Franjola. He prefers to keep the details of his personal life, including his kids and spouse, to himself.

The details about Franjola’s kids remain vague, with no concrete proof and information to scour.

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Is a Man of Privacy

As noted earlier, Chris Franjola is a man of privacy, and netizens have also discussed it on Reddit. They know he is private and doesn’t speak out about his wife.

One of the users shared his opinion that Franjola wants to keep his family life as private as possible for safety. One time, he also had a legit stalker and had to pursue criminal charges against them.

Furthermore, many in his Facebook group also posted a photo every month, claiming to have found a picture of his life partner with a compliment. But, sometimes, it’s her, and sometimes an image of an ex-girlfriend.

Reddit users on Chris Franjola’s private life. [Photo: Reddit]

Moreover, the users have also understood and respected his privacy. They think he prefers to keep that part of his life private and stated they have all vacationed together, so he thinks they’re good. 

One of the Reddit users even penned, “Chris is super private about his wife & daughter, but Heather did officiate their wedding!”

Franjolais is likely a married man with a spouse having a kid. If that is the case, his marital life may also flourish strongly like his parents, who have been sharing their married journey for over five decades.

In conclusion, it’s Franjola’s decision whether he unveils or keeps his personal life low-key.