Chris Heria Has Two Children, Possibly With Two Baby Mamas?

Last Updated : November 27, 2023

Chris Heria

Chris Heria is a proud father of a son and a daughter. In addition, the netizens are always eager to learn about his baby mama.

The concern about his relationship can be thoroughly observed through the comments on his posts about his kids. People have commented, questioning his baby mama.

Has a Beautiful Daughter Named Ocean

Heria is a loving father to his daughter named Ocean. His fans love her cuteness, while some also have questions about her zodiac sign, questioning if she is Gemini.

Furthermore, netizens have also admired him in the comment section for being a responsible father. One of the users even penned, “You best daddy in world.”

Chris Heria with his loving daughter. [Photo: Chris Heria’s YouTube]

Heria makes sure to spend quality time with his daughter despite his busy work schedule and calisthenic exercise. He does stuff like playing guitar for Ocean and listening to her baby talk.

In December 2022, Ocean was fourteen months old. Likewise, Heria finds his daughter has the best personality ever, always cracking jokes and loving to work out.

In addition, Heria’s daughter always tries to have a good time with him whenever he is around. He describes his daughter as a party-loving who loves to sing, dance, and party.

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It Won’t Be Surprising to See His Son Follow in His Footsteps

Zen Heria is the little man of his father, born in September 2011. Likewise, fans have caught glimpses of him as he is usually featured on Heria’s Instagram account.

Furthermore, Zen graduated from the kindergarten in 2018. Chris made a social post during his graduation, and fans showered him with congratulations comments.

Zen also has an official Instagram account, moderated by his father, with over 17K followers.

Chris Heria with his son, Zen Heria. [Photo: Zen Heria’s Instagram]

In addition, Zen’s birthday is always up for something special as he does the birthday workout every year. Like Heria, he trains a lot and has incorporated sports like soccer and boxing into his training regime.

In 2020, Heria’s son did a birthday challenge with exercises like box jumps, wall balls, and many more. Unsurprisingly, he completed all the exercises and made his father proud.

Overall, it seems like Zen will also pursue a career in fitness like his father.

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Initially Proposed to Baby Mama, but She Said No

Chris Heria proposed to his son’s mother for marriage after her pregnancy took place in January 2011. Unfortunately, she said no & he also decided it was best if they didn’t get married for the child’s future.

Surprisingly, the one who refused approached Heria with an ultimatum. She asked if he had to marry her or if he would never see his son again.

Chris Heria shared the Reddit post. [Photo: Chris Heria’s Reddit]

However, Heria denied the offer and said no to marry her. He said he would be part of his son’s life regardless of what she says or tries to do.

The fitness freak once uploaded a picture of his son’s baby mama, and it is also the only photo of her on his Instagram. He captioned the post, “Z and the creators.”

After all the drama with his son’s mother, Heria started hanging out with a girl he liked. They liked each other and eventually started dating, but it is unknown if they are still dating or have broken up.

Nonetheless, Heria has yet to speak much about Ocean’s other. He has kept the details private, and not much is known about his current girlfriend.

In conclusion, Chris Heria is a loving father of his son and daughter. He does everything possible to be a responsible father, providing unconditional love.