Cliffe Knechtle’s Wife Has Made Efforts For The betterment of children

Last Updated : October 20, 2023

Pastor Cliffe Knechtle and his wife Sharon Knechtle [Photo: YouTube/askcliffe]

Cliffe Knechtle is living a happily married life with his wife, Sharon Knechtle, who has also done good deeds like him. As the wife of a senior pastor, she has helped to sustain and encourage the efforts of many non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, she is also the founder of a non-profit organization that has helped orphaned and abandoned children.

Knechtle’s Wife Founded Pura Vida

Sharon is a generous mother, wife, and a human overall. She founded her non-profit organization, Pura Vida, in 2005. The humble lady was compelled to take such actions when she went on a vacation to Costa Rica with her son.

At first, she brought volunteering students to that place and made connections with the local adults and children there. Their friendship and connection helped to launch Pura Vida. After research, they felt that the organization could positively impact the well-being of children.

Since then, the organization has helped kids who have been orphaned, abandoned, or s*x trafficked. Plus, they also raise inspiration and awareness to assist them further.

Pura Vida has provided opportunities for high school students in order to collect financial resources and awareness for needy children. They assist students in developing leadership skills through team-building activities and a series of retreats.

Knechtle’s wife has made a positive impact on the lives of many children. [Photo: Sharon’s Facebook]

Pura Vida also organizes trips for the volunteering students to Costa Rica annually. There, they take part in many community-enhancing projects.

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Sharon Is a Mother of Three Boys

Knechtle and his wife, Sharon, have been blessed with three sons. Her two sons, Robert and Stuart, have followed in the footsteps of their father, who is a Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church.

But their other son, Ian Scott, doesn’t seem to be associated with the church. Nevertheless, he enjoyed playing lacrosse, as per the past posts on his Facebook.

At the church, Robert is a Youth Pastor, and Stuart is an Assistant Pastor. Furthermore, Knechtle is the host and founder of Give Me an Answer, and his son, Stuart, is the Co-Host of that show.

Besides that, Knechtle has recently been on the podcast of George Janko with Stuart. They discussed how Stuart found his love for Jesus or if it was because of his dad.

Knechtle with his son Stuart on George Janko‘s podcast. [Photo: George’s YouTube/Channel]

On the podcast, they also talked about the reason why Sharon’s husband dedicated his life to debating for god. Further, George asked the senior pastor’s view on how god judges and what gets you into heaven.

Overall, George wrapped up the podcast by conveying his respect for all religions.

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Knechtle’s Wife Is a Generous Lady

Besides her non-profit welfare, Sharon is also a woman with a big heart. She has donated to many good things, including a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Sharon has donated to many organizations for the welfare of the new generation. [Photo: Sharon’s Facebook]

Moreover, she has also partnered with Kids Helping Kids CT, and a user on her Facebook appreciated her support.

That individual wrote, “You have an aura that is hard to capture, but this photo does it! Your generosity and aliveness are evident! Thanks for all you do to partner with Kids Helping Kids CT Can’t wait for our next event with you![SIC].”

Additionally, Knechtle’s better half, Sharon, along with other people, has also aided Love146 to help end the trafficking and exploitation of children.

Well, she has also done good deeds along with her children.

Overall, Knechtle is enjoying his life with his wife, and their three grown-up children have taken their own paths in life.