Danae Hays Calls Her Wife Mandie Kaii a Horse Girl

Last Updated : October 29, 2023

Singer Danae Hays and Mandie Kaii [Photo: Instagram/danae.hays]

Danae Hays’s wife, Mandie Kaii, loves horses, and she always calls her wife a wild horse girl. Hays always imagined her partner as someone who carried a rolling suitcase instead of a backpack to her school.

Hays was sure that her other half had horsegirl tendencies since her young days. She had imagined that her partner always wore a knee brace on and would invite her friends to see the horses at her house.

Hays’s Wife Always Wanted To Live on Horse Property

Hay’s intuition was on point as her partner, Mandie Kaii, wanted to live in Tennessee on horse property since she was a little girl. She wasn’t sure from which movie that idea came.

Additionally, she found the Christmas list from the year 2001 and told her audiences that she was a horse-obsessed kid.

Fast forward, she is now spending her mornings riding horses and being a horse-obsessed girl. The lovely lady has shared multiple pictures with her brown horse, and she can be seen happy being with them.

Besides her love for animals, she is also into fashion and hosts a podcast with her better half. She also has more than 727K followers on TikTok, and there she does paid promotions for many brands.

The fashion lover has dressed in cool-looking outfits and has shared many adorable moments with her lover.

Kaii has also given some tips on how to elevate the outfits to bring out more sharpness in them. Furthermore, she also works for LTK, which is a shop where thousands of products are tried and styled by real people.

There, she has styled fall outfits and tomboy styles and has also showcased her own products. Moreover, she has 13.1K followers on that platform.

All in all, Kaii is much more than just a horse-loving girl and has led a wonderfully married life with her better half.

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Hays and Kaii Snuck Off and Got Married

The lovely duo met through Instagram and got to know each other. Kaii was a fitness coach and had uploaded a picture of her flexing up. When Hays saw that picture, she got curious because she was also working out at that time.

Eventually, she got a follow back after liking and commenting on Kaii’s every single Instagram post. Plus, the fitness coach was also curious about her and slid into the DM.

Then, they both went from being roommates and best friends to romantically involved individuals.

After that, Hays and Kaii both decided to have a unique and spontaneous wedding in April 2021. The duo snuck off and tied the knot under the trees with an incredible pastor.

Hays and Kaii had a secret wedding ceremony. [Photo: Kaii’s Instagram]

They had a wonderful wedding celebration with their friends and family in November 2021.

Overall, they have led a blissfully married life, and Hays and Kaii have desired to be parents but are unsure about the timing.

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The Duo Has Experience With Running Podcast

Kaii and Hays run The Refined & Rowdy show. On the show, they navigate the realms of pop culture, dive into heated issues, and provide a dash of humor.

Hays and her wife run a podcast together. [Photo: Kaii’s Instagram]

According to their description, if someone is searching for a podcast that offers insightful discussion, they should listen to them.

Before that, they used to run another podcast named The Live Freely Podcast. They had introduced themselves as an engaged couple and uploaded 13 episodes there.

The lovebirds shared about their life and trials.

Kaii and Hays also talked about how they overcame some of the biggest hurdles of being gay, being business owners, and navigating this thing called life. Plus, they also revealed the news about their wedding on their previous podcast.

The 6th episode of the podcast was titled: Why we snuck off and got married. In that episode, the pair discussed how god was intertwined in their wedding ceremony.

Moreover, they also had adorable conversations about the joy that they experienced after being each other’s life partners.

Currently, the married duo are having the time of their life with their stable relationship.