Dani Beckstrom Loves Posting About Marriage And Family

Last Updated : October 4, 2023

ABC7NY Meteorologist Dani Beckstrom

Dani Beckstrom has carved her path as a meteorologist. In August 2022, she joined the ABC7NY and Eyewitness News team of meteorologists. She was formerly the Chief Meteorologist at the KTNV Channel 13 Action News from January 2019 to August 2022.

Before becoming a meteorologist, Dani served as a Sports Anchor and Reporter for a student-run newscast in KBYU. She pursued journalism after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism in 2013. She later studied Meteorology at Mississippi State University in 2015 and graduated in 2018.

Dani Beckstrom At Times Posts About Marriage

The 34-year-old Dani isn’t married and also does not back down from discussing marriage and partner on her social media handles.

She once shared a tweet and said, “Some days I think I’m ready for marriage and kids, and other days I eat a plain piece of bread for lunch while googling how to write a check.”

Well, Dani once stated that she rejected yet another proposal from a Twitter user named John Simpson.

It basically started when BYU Senior Defensive Analyst Coach Jorgensen first tweeted, “Giants > Dodgers.”

After back and forth of their tweets, Dani tweeted, “@TheSaintMMA [John Simpson] Are you harassing me because I rejected yet ANOTHER marriage proposal from you? Real mature.”

Dani Beckstrom married
Coach Jorgensen and Dani Beckstrom’s exchange on Twitter. [Photo: Twitter]

All in all, the beautiful meteorologist loves posting about marriage but hasn’t considered getting married. She might give a public announcement about her wedding when the time comes.

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Dani’s Opinions On Having A Husband

As noted earlier, Dani Beckstrom has got plenty to say about marriage. She isn’t shy to talk about what she wants in someone to be a husband on her social media.

She prefers someone who loves American football. Once penned on Twitter, “I’ll know I found my husband when I feel for a man the way I feel about football.”

Dani never fails to showcase her sarcastic side, even when discussing marital stuff. She once jokingly said, “I don’t want a husband, but I could really go for a honeymoon right now.”

The television reporter also learned important husband qualities while going to college.

Although she discusses matrimonial things, Dani has yet to get a husband and share a blissful marital journey with him. She is possibly busy with her professional career at the moment.

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Dani Beckstrom’s Net Worth And Earnings

Dani Beckstrom enjoys a lavish life, having an estimated net worth of $1 million, per the details of Sportskeeda. She has accumulated this fortune through her journalism career.

As mentioned earlier, the gorgeous lady has been working as a full-time Meteorologist at ABC7NY since August 2022.

Furthermore, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a meteorologist in the US is around $76,641 per year. Considering Dani’s experience, she too must be earning somewhere around that or could be even more.

Previously, she also contributed to WFTX Fox 4 in Fort Myers, Florida, as a Morning meteorologist on Fox 4 Morning News from 2016 to 2019.

Dani’s comfortable life is witnessed through her Instagram account. She often travels to different destinations accompanied by her family most of the time.

Daniel Backstrom
Dani Beckstrom during her trip to Valley of Fire State Park. [Photo: Dani’s Instagram]

It is evident from her social media handles that she is enjoying her life to the fullest.

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Her Birthday And Family

Dani Beckstrom was born to her parents on June 4, 1991. She is the daughter of Julia and Brad, who raised her in Boise, Idaho.

Not being the only child, Dani has shared her childhood with two siblings, Jenna Beckstrom and Scottie Beckstrom. She is a loving elder sister of both and features them in her Instagram feeds most of the time.

Daniel Beckstrom
Dani Beckstrom with her sister Jenna Beckstrom and brother Scottie Beckstrom. [Photo: Dani Beckstrom’s Instagram]

Dani’s sister Jenna is a Dancer and Miss Idaho Teen USA 2022 winner. She was also the 1st runner-up of Miss Teen USA, as per her Instagram bio.

On the other hand, her brother is relatively low-key and has even kept his Instagram private.