David Jacoby Is Very Much Proud Of His Director Wife

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

TV Producer and Host David Jacoby and his wife, Joie Jacoby [Photo: Instagram/jacobyjuice]

David Jacoby shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Joie Jacoby. Furthermore, he has got nothing but good works for his loving spouse and loves her passionately.

Let’s learn how Jaoby’s romantic relationship with his partner is filled with love and admiration.

Jacoby Stated His Spouse’s Directed Movie Is the Best

As noted earlier, David Jacoby’s spouse is a film director, and he has words full of appreciation for her work. The handsome hunk cited Candace Parker: Unapologetic as the best film ever made in history.

David Jacoby’s life partner and Candice Parker. [Photo: David Jacoby’s Instagram]

The director of Candace Parker: Unapologetic is Jacoby’s partner, and he feels proud of her work. Likewise, it is a movie depicting the story of the WNBA player Candice Parker.

Jacoby has repeatedly mentioned his spouse’s directed movie, Candace Parker: Unapologetic, on his social media handle, noting that it was the best film he had ever seen.

The television producer seems to be a loving husband and supportive of his beloved’s pursued career.

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Learn More About Jacoby’s Wife Joie

Joie Jacoby was originally born Joie Dominique Walls and celebrates her birthday every year in April. She has been working in the showbiz industry as a producer and director for quite some time now.

Speaking of her experience, Joie has worked at ESPN as a production assistant and associate producer, joining in 2004 & leaving in 2008. Also, she met her future husband, Jacoby, while working there.

Jacoby’s soulmate also worked in Maggie Vision Productions as a senior producer & director for almost four years, joining in February 2008. It has already been over a decade since she started working in the showbiz.

The sweet wife of David Jacoby, Joie Jacoby. [Photo: David Jacoby’s Instagram]

Her notable production works include Return to Mexico City, Sarah & Suzanne, and Spike Lee’s Lil Joints. She won the Sports Emmy Awards and the Arpa Film Festival Award, with one more for her fantastic work.

Many are likely excited for her upcoming production work, Black Twitter. Similarly, she continues contributing to the showbiz industry and entertaining her fans through her splendid work.

Moving onto her educational background, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Flim and Political Studies degree from Vassar College in 2004. Joie later studied Political Science and Film Studies at the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Overall, she leads a successful marital life and career that everyone seeks.

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Raising Three Children Together

The love birds have also headed toward parental life with their blissful married journey. They are doting parents of a son and two daughters, whom they are raising with love and care.

The name of their only son is Quincy, who was born in 2013. Likewise, the names of their twin daughters are Marget and Chlor, and they were born in 2018.

Jacoby is a loving father and tries out different fun stuff with his kids, and this year’s Halloween cosplay is one of them. He and his son cosplayed Boba Fett while he posted two girls cosplaying Hermione & Zombie Cheerleader.

David Jacoby cosplayed Boba Fett. [Photo: David Jacoby’s Instagram]

On the other hand, Joie is the most caring mom, per Jacoby’s perspective. Moreover, she has managed to raise her kids and continue her professional career, balancing both.

In Jacoby’s eyes, his significant other has breathtaking beauty and is the kindest person. He usually posts about her on his social media handle and greatly supports her career.

Hopefully, they will continue to share more years full of memories and beautiful moments. Presently, they are a happy family of five without any hindrances.