Five Surprising Facts About Real Estate Guru Del Walmsley

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Founder of Lifestyles Unlimited and Real Estate Guru Del Walmsley [Photo: Facebook/delwalmsley]

Del Walmsley is the CEO and founder of the country’s highest-awarded real estate investment education and mentoring organization. Further, the wise man has accumulated a large amount of net worth.

Their organization mentors all categories of residential real estate from several hundred apartment complexes and single-family homes.

His Net Worth In Seven Figures

Walmsley retired at 34 after spending two and one-half years of investment in real estate, accumulating huge net worth. Furthermore, the investor has clever ideas to generate passive income, as he has run a radio show and wrote articles on his site.

Del Walmsley’s has a net worth of seven figures.[Photo: Walmsley’s Facebook]

At one time, he had nearly gone bankrupt; however, that was a turning point in his life. He has said that life isn’t just about chasing after money. It concerns legacy, charity, wealth, fitness, family, etc. Humans will eventually feel empty if they only focus on accumulating money.

He made suitable investments, changing his life from a run-down two-story walk to a substantial net worth of $6 million.

He Used to Work Sixty to Eighty Hours Weekly

Before Del Walmsley started investing in the world of real estate, he used to work sixty to eighty hours a week. And that work offered neither financial independence nor emotional fulfillment.

He tried to convince himself of wrong beliefs that if he worked hard, gathered money, and invested it cleverly, he would be successful someday.

The investor was doing the best that he could do but knew that it wasn’t true. He was afraid to take necessary actions and wished/hoped for his life to change.

But a breakthrough occurred when the wise man lost his savings in the 1989 stock market crash.

Further, he was financially, physically, and emotionally devastated and nearly bankrupt. Then, he made a great decision that turned his life a whole hundred and eighty degrees. He planned to risk everything to become financially free.

Walmsley wanted to take his life under control from the hands of corporate America. It became his life’s goal, and he dedicated his energies to success. He also learned that real estate investing wasn’t a platform where one would get rich quickly.

The investor said that it has always required persistence and patience. He had lost $20,000 on his first two home purchases. However, he wouldn’t have made those mistakes without purchasing a well-thought-out real estate investing course.

All in all, he eventually became a successful investor after two and one-half years since he began investing on that platform.

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Del Walmsley Is Married to His Long Time Girlfriend

Walmsley is living his blissfully married life with his wife, Melissa. Further, she is his long-time girlfriend. He has made a post with his wife many times on his Facebook page.

He has shared pictures of them at the Awards show, enjoying a bus ride and walking together while holding each other’s hand.

Well, the romantic man announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend and counterpart Melissa at a case study. Eventually, the investor revealed he was marrying his long-time girlfriend in Cabo. The lovely couple walked down the wedding aisle on July 4.

The investor and his wife had a grand wedding at Cabo. [Photo: Facebook]

Their luxurious wedding had hors d’oeuvres, fancy name cards, dinner, dance, and fireworks. Surprisingly, he once told his business partner and friend that he would never get married. But his friend’s family were glad he changed his mind and gave them an awesome wedding.

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Walmsley Was Most Grateful on His 65th Birthday

Del Walmsley was grateful on his 65th birthday; that day was a significant life event. Since he was a little kid, he has seen all of the male members of his family die by the age of 65. So, the sixty-seven-year-old lived as if he would only live it up to sixty-five.

Walmsley thought that he wouldn’t live above the age of 65. [Photo: Walmsley’s Facebook]

It meant that he would retire by the age of 34 while others would be planning to retire around the year he had expected to die. However, the unfortunate event didn’t happen, and after he became 65 years old, the wise guy had to make new decisions.

The radio host was born on October 20, 1956, but he didn’t have loving and caring parents growing up. He wasn’t loved by his father, who desired to make his son an athlete. Similarly, his mother had alcohol use and substance abuse disorders and had a tumultuous life.

Nevertheless, the sixty-seven-year-old has reflected on tough times from his past, and now he cherishes his life more than anything else.

The Investor Has Ran a Radio Show

He surely knows how to make passive income and has run his radio show across the stations of the United States. His show broadcasts from 11 am to noon CT, Monday through Friday. People can also watch his past shows and videos on his website.

His followers and listeners have also liked his show, and some of the most listened-to broadcasts are It’s Not The Money, It’s The Lifestyle: Having a Wonderful Life, A Larger Life That Is Yours For The Taking, and many more.

Besides the radio, he has also published articles on his website where an individual can learn a lot from his vast and wise experience as a real estate investor.