All About Rapper Demun Jones’ Real Name, Wife and Birthdate

Last Updated : October 11, 2023

Country Rapper Demun Jones [Photo: Facebook/demunjones]

Demun Jones is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. The independent artist has composed songs infused with hip-hop fundamentals, outstanding lyricism, and rustic instrumentals. Further, he disclosed his real name in a short clip.

Well, Jones is living a blissful life with his better half and is blessed with two angelic children.

Demun Jones Revealed His Real Name

Jones revealed his real name on YouTube. He replied to a comment from a user asking if that was really his name. At the start of his video, the artist laughed off and said that “Demun” was his nickname.

The rapper got that nickname when he was a teenager. Jones said that he kept his name that way cause the E and the U would line up like in the name of Jesus.

Jones revealed his real name in a YouTube Shorts. [Photo: Jone’s YouTube Channel]

Well, he didn’t say his name out loud but mentioned that his real name is Matthew David Jones in the video.

Demun Jones Told His Audiences to Be Jealous of His Wife

Jones is married to a beautiful lady named Kelly Jones (Childs). The lovebirds walked down the wedding aisle in February 2009.

Fast forward to 2016, the artist posted a picture of his wife on Facebook. In the post, he joked that others should be seriously jealous because his wife was smoking hot.

After the end of that sentence, he apologized to his partner and added that he was way too proud of her not to post. Furthermore, he requested her to have a third baby.

Well, Kelly is a talented lady who is a Web Manager and Systems Administrator III at Middle Georgia State University.

She first completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Information Technology from Macon State College.

Jones’s wife has a bold resume. [Photo: Kelly’s Facebook]

Then, she pursued a Master’s degree of Science (M.S) in the same major and completed it in 2017 from Middle Georgia State University. At first, she did a part-time job as a Merchandise Sales Representative.

After that, she gained various experiences while working in different positions like Technical Support Services, Web Developer II, System Administrator I, System Administrator II, and Applications Developer III – Web Manager.

All in all, Kelly is a skilled technician and a great mother who can’t imagine her life without her daughters.

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Jones Has Collaborated With His Bright Daughters to Make Banger Songs

Jones has a wholesome family life consisting of his partner and two daughters who are talented in both vocals and studies. He has also collaborated with his girls in Southern Son Rising and Dreams of Mine.

His first-born daughter, JJ, is currently 14 years old and was born in July 2009. his second daughter Lyric (Sissy), will turn 13 by the end of this year and was born in November 2010.

Well, the rapper celebrated Lyric’s 9th birthday during his tour. He went to perform at the Marquee Theatre, and at the end of the show, both of his girls sang their song Dreams of Mine on stage and were loved by the crowd.

The singer was so proud of how brave his daughters were and admitted that they rocked it.

Jones’s daughters are athletic and seem to be interested in sports, as they are seen wearing softball jerseys. Plus, Jones has also played softball with his girls and penned that the best things in life are at home.

Furthermore, the couples couldn’t be more delighted with their kids as they both were recipients of the High Honor Roll award.

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Jones Hails From Georgia, U.S

Demun Jones was born Matthew David Jones on September 28, 1986. The 37-year-old hails from the heart of Georgia. While others find expression in different mediums, he found his individuality by rapping over the acoustic guitar.

The rapper was born in the countryside of Georgia, U.S. [Photo: Jone’s Instagram]

The rapper was the sixth child, and his two older brothers introduced him to artists like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. Further, he experienced AC/DC as his first ever live concert.

At first, Jones worked in construction alongside his father, but soon, his momentum to build in the music world began. He dropped his breakout single “The Muddy Muddy” and embarked on a great journey.

Eventually, after a lot of hard work and dedication, he emerged as a fully independent artist in 2017 and continued to release his albums.

Overall, Jones has established his own fanbase and has maintained a balance between his professional and family life.