Was It All a Ruse Between Devin Haney & His Supposed Wife

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Former Lightweight World Champion Devin Haney [Photo: Instagram/realdevinhaney]

People were shocked upon hearing the whispers about Devin Haney’s marriage to his supposed wife, Leena Sayed.

Both of them had also gone on to a religious place. They uploaded the photos of their visit to Islam’s holiest city, Mecca, in the last week of Friday.

Footage of Haney and His Supposed Wife Sayed’s Nikah/Marriage

Devin Haney was previously in a relationship with Jania Jackson, but their relationship eventually didn’t work out. After that, he built a new romantic connection with India Love, AKA India Westbrooks, a social media influencer and a US model.

Love and Haney dated for two years, and they secretly broke up. Besides that, the former lightweight champion was seen with another sweet girl, Leena Sayed, his supposed partner. They recited the statement after an individual.

She said, “I, Leena, have offered myself in Nikah, Islamic marriage.” Then he continued, “I, Devin, have accepted Leena in Nikah, Islamic marriage before these witnesses.”

People in the comment section presented their mixed opinions about their supposed marriage.

Haney with his supposed wife, Sayed, in Mecca. [Photo: TikTok]

One of the users penned, “He married her, but technically speaking. In Muslim culture, they’re allowed to have more than one wife, so he’s probably still with India.”

Another Individual couldn’t believe that he had gone to Mecca with her. Overall, Haney and Sayed have yet to make official statements regarding their relationship.

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Neither of them Have Said a Word About Their Marriage

After their alleged marriage in Mecca, neither Haney nor Sayed has spoken or shared regarding that topic on their social media handles.

Further, they were seen together hanging out in Dubai as they shared photos with similar camels on their story. After they exchanged vows in Islam’s holiest city, their relationship was a topic of discussion among netizens already, and the aforementioned photos helped gain momentum for the rumors.

Haney and his supposed partner had shared pictures with the same camel on their Instagram story. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, one said that Haney did Sayed dirty as he had done to Jania. Moreover, a few months ago, another user claimed that she was pregnant and her child’s father was a rapper.

Netizens even talked about her mother and sister and presented their views and opinions about them.

Nevertheless, the lovely lady was around him for some time after their Mecca visit. She had even supported Haney during one of his press conferences for his boxing match and had uploaded it to her Instagram story.

All in all, they seemed like a great couple after accepting one another, but they just became strangers after fooling around for some time.

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The Alleged Married Duo No Longer Follow One Another on Instagram

In August 2023, Sayed went to the park to enjoy her time and uploaded pictures. She captioned, “This ain’t fair.” However, one curious user asked where Devin was at.

Then, another said that their relationship didn’t last long. Well, the allegedly married duo don’t follow one another on Instagram.

Instagram users in the comment section asked her about Haney. [Photo: Instagram]

Further, during a scary ride in the park, she was seen holding hands with someone. And she has yet to reveal anything about that person.

There were rumors that she was with someone else after breaking up with Haney. Furthermore, people even suspected Haney and Sayed’s relationship could be an act to make the boxer’s previous girlfriend jealous.

Moreover, people were also surprised at how quickly the former lightweight champion could move on from his former partner.

The relationship between India and Haney was the highlight as they were celebrities with huge followers and were primarily in the limelight. Well, the former lightweight champion also gave his former girlfriend luxurious gifts.

Additionally, the former partners weren’t shy about expressing affection and had known each other since their teenage years before dating Haney. Love also had inked her romantic connections with famous rappers like Soulja Boy, Roddy Rich, and Lil Yachty.

On the other hand, the boxing star has also dated quite a few girls before dating Love. He was previously in a relationship with Blac Chyna, a rapper and an influencer, Lira Galore, an influencer, Kris Summers, and many more.

The former lovers had also separated once; however, they patched up their relationship after the public criticized them.

Well, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time, and they eventually broke up. The boxer has also joked that he had fallen in love with the game and had married it. Plus, his spouse will only be allowed to eat greens and proteins when he gets married.

All in all, there are rumors that he is no longer together with Sayed, but neither has officially stated anything about their romantic status.