People Believe DizzyKitten Has Broken Up With Her Boyfriend

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

DizzyKitten with her boyfriend
DizzyKitten with her boyfriend [Source:]

DizzyKitten, AKA Brandi Donaldson, was in a relationship with Anthony Kongphan, a Twitch streamer. Further, they also used to stream with another streamer, Grimmmz, and those three were streaming buddies.

But the three aren’t streaming together now, and people are curious about what went behind the scenes.

Dizzykitten Was Cheated On by Her Boyfriend

The streamer had dated Kongphan for almost two years. Further, the former couple used to stream with Grimmmz, AKA Brian Ricon, and another streamer girl whose name she didn’t reveal. Well, she had received a warning about dating Anthony from people around her.

However, she didn’t listen to them and thought they were jealous, but had a bit of doubt. Eventually, she discovered she was in the most bizarre situation ever. Her ex-boyfriend was allegedly cheating, manipulating, and gaslighting her.

DizzyKitten had wished her ex-boyfriend on their first anniversary. [Photo: DizzyKitten’sTwitter]

She found out that her ex-partner was allegedly cheating on her for almost a year through someone she knew. Kongphan was having an affair with that streamer girl, one of their streaming buddies. Moreover, her ex-boyfriend and that girl supposedly talked about when he would give her a breakup.

After exposure, DizzyKitten asked him why he didn’t break up with her, and he replied that he wanted to see how their relationship would unfold with time. Then, they broke up and decided to walk their separate ways.

But the situation was a lot worse and more profound than imagined. Later, she also found out that another girl was involved in the same hot mess, and cheating on her wasn’t his first rodeo. After Grimmmz learned about Kongphan’s behavior, he didn’t want to associate with him.

Meanwhile, users on Reddit had speculated about their breakup but weren’t sure why Grimmmz stopped collaborating with Anthony. Some have even written that sometimes friendship fades away, and it’s best not to dwell on it too much.

Overall, DizzyKitten and Grimmmz are now away from Anthony and are enjoying their lives separately while keeping their viewers entertained through their streams.

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She Began Dating Him in May 2021

DizzyKitten had dated her ex-partner for almost two years, and during that time, she went through lots of ups and downs. But, before she found out that she was being cheated on, she had spent some quality time with Kongphan.

She even tweeted about their first anniversary and captioned, “Happy one year with this cutie” while mentioning him. She had also shared lovely pictures with him, and they looked happy and joyful. Further, they had also gone to a Vampire Prom and had an exciting time there with their friends.

The former couple had also gone to a vampire prom. [Photo: Twitter]

They also shared humorous times when DizzyKitten was doing ASMR in her stream, and her ex-boyfriend set off the fire alarms. But, before that, she had told him she would do an ASMR, so he needed to be quiet, and he had also agreed.

After the fire alarm went off, she smelled smoke and checked on her former partner. Furthermore, they also share good memories of playing Among Us. Once, they were both imposters and had worked together on that game while having fun.

Furthermore, a Reddit user mentioned that she is in another relationship with her new partner, who is also into games; however, she hasn’t officially announced her current love life.

Nevertheless, Kongphan had cheated, manipulated, and gaslighted DizzyKitten during their relationship.

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Her Ex-Partner Is Also a Twitch Streamer

Anthony Kongphan is a Twitch streaming sensation with over 522K followers. He is known for highly long live-streaming sessions. He is also active on social media handles like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

DizzyKitten’s ex-partner is known for his extensively long hours of live streams. [Photo: Kongphan’s Twitter]

But before becoming a streamer, he was a former actor and a model who had worked professionally in New York City, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. Furthermore, the generous guy has done 35 to 56-hour straight live streams on Twitch.

He does long hours of streaming sessions for charity works and has done many collaborations with other streamers. Overall, DizzyKitten’s ex-lover is a generous man who has streamed for an extended period to provide for the charity.