YouTuber DJ Cece: Net Worth, Parents, and Age

Last Updated : October 22, 2023

YouTuber DJ Cece [Photo: Facebook/ DJ Cece]

DJ Cece, AKA Cornelius Tinson, is a public figure with over 195K subscribers on YouTube and more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok. He has ridden in luxurious cars and might have amassed a substantial net worth.

He was born with Down syndrome, and his viewers have shown great affection for him. Plus, the funny guy also entertains his audiences by making unique content.

DJ Cece’s Net Worth Explored

DJ Cece, alongside Fleet, has collaborated to make funny clips. They shout at each other and sometimes engage in fake fights in order to entertain the viewers with their drama.

Through YouTube, he has earned a huge fortune. His estimated monthly earning through that platform is between $832 – $13.3K, while the estimated yearly earning is between $10K – $159.8K.

DJ Cece’s earnings as per Social Blade. [Photo: Social Blade]

However, the above-mentioned amounts might fluctuate frequently and depend on YouTube’s statistics.

Besides that, DJ Cece also has his own lineup of clothes, which could have increased his net worth.

The merch is called DJ Cece Down Syndrome Age Whoo Whoo Oh Shirt. A unisex adult T-shirt costs about $22.98, plus they also have a Unisex Tank Top, Sweatshirt, and a Unisex Hoodie whose marked price is more than $25.

Furthermore, he might also earn through TikTok, as he has over 33.6 Million likes and has received views and great support from the audiences.

Moreover, the guy is seen enjoying great food/vehicles and is living a comfortable life.

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DJ Cece’s Loving Parents; Also Has A Supportive Cousin

DJ Cece also has got loving parents. He also, at times, features them on his social media and once shared a video where he talked with his dad about Tall Pines.

Moreover, the YouTuber had also bought gifts for his mother on Mother’s Day. His cousin had recorded a short clip of him carrying the presents.

They have also celebrated his mother’s birthday together. DJ Cece and his cousin Flash gifted her tons of presents and sang her a happy birthday song. Plus, they also got her a cake, and his mama looked very happy.


Today is my special lady birthday and i’m going to make sure it’s the best one yet mom… Happy birthday to you #fyp #DjCece #HolidayOREOke #comedy #comedyshow #fy #foryou #foryoupage #djcece #happybirthday

♬ original sound – Dj CeCe

Flash is the one who has a big part in Cece’s fame and success. The supportive guy also announced his clothing lineup and handles his TikTok account.

The man behind the camera is also his cousin, who has recorded all of the funny moments of him. An individual on YouTube even thanked him because she could see that he genuinely cared about Cece.

The user stated, “To see u take this man under your wing (u and Fleech) is a blessing. U deserve everything that’s coming your way. Unfortunately its so rare to see a young man like u that’s so patient, caring, and naturing.[SIC]”

Furthermore, Flash can be seen taking care of him and sharing many moments together.

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Got Out Of a Luxurious Red Car On His Birthday

DJ Cece celebrated his birthday together with his dad and cousin in December. He got out of a red car with his father and met his cousin, who was recording his arrival. The YouTuber went to a nightclub and had a blast at his birthday party.

DJ Cece getting out of his luxurious red car. [Photo: DJ Cece’s TikiTok]

Many people wished him a warm, happy birthday. A user wrote, “man wish we could attend…. MUCH LOVE YUNG CeCe…. Happy Birthday, boooyyyy! luv from the FRISCO BOYZ in California, enjoy & GOD bless…[SIC]”

Further, he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. However, he hasn’t revealed with whom he lives, but most of the time, he is seen with his lovely cousin, who supports him in every step of his life.