Eddie Penney’s Wife Requested Him for Employment

Last Updated : October 12, 2023

Entrepreneur Eddie Penney with his wife Amanda Penney [Photo: Instagram/eddie.penney]

Eddie Penney is now blissfully married to his wife, Amanda Penney. However, their first meeting was rather unusual as they came across at a fitness center.

As days went on, she did research on him and found out that he was the CEO of the company, then the lovely lady proceeded to ask for the job.

Amanda Needed Work to Support Her Kids as a Single Mother

Before exchanging the wedding vows with Penney, she was previously married to another guy. As a criminal justice graduate, Amanda was applying for a job in that sector. But, due to her pregnancy, she decided not to.

Then, the now-former couple decided to wed and start a family together in Texas. They were blessed with a daughter, Emma, and eventually added another member to their family, a son, Braiden.

However, things didn’t turn out as planned; she and her ex-lover decided to divorce after 8 years of togetherness. Then, in order to support her family as a single mother, she worked in credit card processing sales.

But that wasn’t generating enough finances, so she was looking for something on the side.

Penney’s wife described how she met him. [Photo: Nutrient Survival/YouTube]

Fate had brought Penney and Amanda together because they used to work in the same gym, Lifetime Fitness. She was also good friends with the girl who worked at the customer service in that center.

So, the lovely lady requested her to look into Penney’s gym membership details.

After finding out his name, she did some research about him and had a rough idea about who he was. And one day, she directly requested him to provide her with a side job.

Penney was cool with it and asked her to give him a resume.

As she didn’t need a resume to work at the credit card sales, she didn’t know how to do that. The former Navy kept asking her, but it never happened.

Even though he hired Amanda just to do some paperwork and stuff, she was more like his assistant.

Overall, they developed feelings for each other, and now she has introduced a lineup of female merch and is a designer for that category at the Unafraid clothing brand owned by her husband.

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The Couple Celebrated Their Wedding Along With Children

Penney and Amanda decided to exchange wedding vows in the year 2022. They had a blast at their wedding and now live a wholesome family life with five children.

Well, the three kids are from the bridegroom’s side and two from the bride’s side.

Among them, their three children, Triston, Emma, and Brayden, live under the same roof as the lovebirds. Penney’s daughter Kailha is married to her man Austin Baker and already has a child. But, there is not much about their daughter Samantha.

Amanda had uploaded a picture with all of her family and captioned just missing Samantha. Then her stepdaughter replied that she was there in the spirit.

Furthermore, she had posted a snap of her kids on her Instagram account. She wrote that Triston was in 7th grade while Emma and Brayden were in 5th and 2nd grade, respectively. Then, the lovely lady prayed for her kids so that they had the best year.

Now, her daughter is in 6th grade while her son has climbed to the 3rd one. Both of them are also interested in sports, as Brayden can be seen playing competitive baseball with his team, and Emma can be seen playing volleyball.

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Penney Was Young When He Married His First Wife

Penney was 18 years old when he married his first wife. Then he was serving in the Marines, but after the birth of his first child, he switched to the Navy. In the past, he thought that he was in a serious relationship and considered that’s what the love was.

He had to figure out what he wanted to do, but he couldn’t complain about it because he had three children whom he loved to death. After he joined the Navy, he had to invest all of his time in his career and couldn’t provide time for his family.

Penney talking about his ex-wife. [Photo: The Penney’s Podcast/YouTube]

Penney regretted that he couldn’t be there for his family in the past, but at the same time, he was thankful because the hard work led to success later on. He was so self-centered and passionate about the Navy that he didn’t notice the crack forming in his family.

He said, “It got so bad, where just pretty much the devil got his hand and his foot and pretty much his whole body and just ripped my family apart.” But at the same time, his career was booming.

Nevertheless, the guy is now in bliss with his lovely spouse and children, plus he has moved on from the past.