John Cena’s Ex-Wife Elizabeth Huberdeau Facts- Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Now

Last Updated : March 12, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 43 Years OldHusband/Spouse: John Cena (Div.)

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau is the ex-wife of the famous WWE wrestler John Cena. She is renowned for both her marriage and her divorce from John Cena.

However, even after the divorce, Elizabeth has established herself very well and is thriving. As per reports, the popular ex-wife of John Cena started working in the Real Estate business.

Although Huberdeau hadn’t initially expected the divorce, she has now moved on past it and is achieving success in life. She used the fame she earned from her marriage to good use.

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How Old is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

On September 18, 1979, Elizabeth was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. The star is 43 years old as of 2022. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Libra.

Huberdeau is an American citizen. Likewise, the star is Caucasian, and her practice religion is Christianity.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Family Details and Education

Elizabeth has a very supportive and adoring family that includes her parents and brother. She was born to Gene R Huberdeau and Elizabeth A.(Jones) Huberdeau.

Elizabeth Huberdeau with her family.

This well-known personality is very close to her parents. Unfortunately, her father, Gene, passed away in 2015 at 76. Gene served as police in Massacheutes. Huberdeau also has a brother, Adam Huberdeau, who seems to be younger than her.

Adam is married and also has a child. Therefore, we can say that Huberdeau is very close to her family. Her family supported her marriage and was with her throughout her divorce.


Huberdeau went to the same high school as her ex-husband, John Cena. However, it hasn’t been clarified which high school they attended.

After graduating from high school, Elizabeth completed her higher studies at Springfield College in Massachusetts with honors. However, the major she pursued is unknown.

Career Background

There are not many details regarding Elizabeth’s career. It isn’t known where she worked or what she did before her marriage with John Cena; that information remains a mystery.

However, even if she went off the limelight after the divorce from John Cena, the media was able to reach her moves and life. Huberdeau has moved to Florida, where the star started working as a real estate agent and led a very successful career following the divorce.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Personal Life: Relationship, Husband

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s relationship with John Cena how she gained fame. They initially met in high school and became friends. Soon, their relationship escalated, and they started dating.

They had been dating for a long while before they tied the knot on June 11, 2009. Since they were high school sweethearts, their marriage was going smoothly.

Elizabeth with John Cena.

However, because of some unknown reasons, Cena filed for divorce just after three years of marriage on May 1, 2012. Elizabeth claimed that she had been blind-sighted as she didn’t know about the divorce being filed.

Huberdeau suspected that Cena was cheating on her and, on that grounds, challenged their prenuptial agreement. The star’s lawyer stated that they were looking for proof against Cena’s loyalty.

The legal battle went on for a while before they settled it privately. However, since Cena started dating his WWE co-wrestler Nikki Bella right after the divorce, Elizabeth’s suspicion grew stronger.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau Dating Now?

After six years of divorce, Elizabeth appeared with her current rumored boyfriend, Eli Ayoub. As per the rumors and based on how they have been captured together, the couple seems to be dating.

Even though Elizabeth hasn’t confirmed her relationship with Eli, both of them seem happy and in love.

Elizbeth with her Boyfriend (Eli Ayoub).

How Much is Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth?

The ex-wife of John Cena received $52 million to get the divorce. However, even if she already got enough wealth from her ex-husband, Elizabeth, a hardworking woman, has continued to uplift her real estate career and earns well from it.

As of 2022, considering her earnings and the money she got from the divorce, her net worth is estimated to be $55 million.

Physical Appearance: Height, Weight, Boby

Huberdeau is a very beautiful and gorgeous woman who hasn’t aged at all. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches or 164 cm, Elizabeth has a good figure.

Her wide smile highlights her gorgeous face. In addition, Elizabeth has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Elizabeth Huberdeau 6 Quick Facts

  • Elizabeth and her mother share the same name.
  • After John Cena called her, ‘Liz Cena’, Elizabeth has been popular with the said name.
  • John Cena announced about being engaged with Elizabeth while promoting his movie ’12 Rounds’.
  • Huberdeau was initially interested in modeling but didn’t pursue it.
  • She has her ears pierced.
  • She is said to have started her own company, the name of which has not been made public.

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