5 Facts About Elizabeth Poett, a 7th-Generation Cattle Rancher

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Author and Ranch to Table Star Elizabeth Poett [Instagram/elizabethpoett]

Elizabeth Poett is a 7th-generation cattle rancher who has earned money through various ventures. She also hosted a cooking show called Ranch To Table on the Magnolia Network.

In addition to having a successful career, she is passionate about bringing the family together for joyful celebration. Here are the details of her net worth, including family and more.

Elizabeth Poett Launched Her New Cookbook

Elizabeth Poett has made an admirable net worth through multiple works, such as entrepreneurship. She founded The Ranch Table, where she hosts cooking classes and special meals.

At The Ranch Table, one can have private events and experience gatherings at Rancho San Julian’s historic adobe. One should book a traditional ranch table priced at $225 per person to attend a gathering.

Poett authored The Ranch Table. [Photo: Elizabeth Poett’s Instagram]

Moreover, The Ranch Table has its official online shop where people can buy different accessories & items. One can buy hats, t-shirts, aprons, handcrafted mugs, and many more from the shop, and their prices range from $10 to $140.

Poett must have earned some from her cooking show Ranch To Table, which aired on Magnolia Network. She has also authored The Ranch Table cookbook, priced at $27 on Amazon.

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Poett Is Blessed With Sweet and Caring Parents

Poett is the lovely daughter of Jim Poett, aka James Poett, and Marianne Partridge. She also has a brother, Justin Poett. Her parents are a loving couple who have been sharing a long-standing martial life, being married for over four decades now.

Poett has supportive parents, and she feels lucky to be raised by two adventurous humans.⁠ She usually appreciates her folks and posts about them often on her Instagram.

Poett’s parents, Jim and Marianne. [Photo: Elizabeth Poett’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the author admires her father for always keeping her moving forward. She loves working with her folks and once featured them on a Ranch To Table episode in which she invited them to dinner.

Poett’s mother inspires her every day, and she feels cooking with her mom is always an adventure. Marianne is one of the reasons she fell in love with cooking, as she always let her cook from a young age.

Moreover, Poett and her parents are nestled in Rancho San Julian. It is a 14,000-acre ranch on Santa Barbara’s Central Coast, and Elizabeth’s family has owned and worked on this land since 1837. 

Feels Blessed to Have a Large Family

Poett is lucky to have a large family who have all shared a love for Rancho San Julian for generations. She once posted a picture of her great family from the 1930s.

In that post, Poett’s great aunts, uncles, and cousins were enjoying a meal in the old cowboy dining room at the ranch. Also, she is the 7th generation cattle rancher from her great family.

Likewise, she has been working at a family branding and enjoyed a tintype meal after a branding in 2014. It included all her family members, and her mom stood in the center under a canopy of oaks.

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Poett Had a Unique Wedding With Her Beloved

Elizabeth Poett and Austin Campbell organized a remarkable DIY wedding at Rancho San Julian, Santa Barbara. Four hundred fifty guests witnessed their marriage ceremony, which was completely homemade.

Limited by budget, they tapped into the natural resources of the family ranch. For their wedding, they grew their food and flowers, such as a variety of tomatoes, green beans, & peppers.

Poett and her spouse’s wedding. [Photo: Elizabeth Poett’s Instagram]

Friends and family pitched in during work weekends, transforming the venue. They purchased dinnerware from thrift stores as it was cheaper than to rent plates and utensils.

There were also several other activities done for their wedding, completely homemade. The result was a unique, heartfelt celebration that united cultures and created lasting memories.

Raising Two Kids With Her Husband

Poett shares a blissful marital life with her husband, Austin Campbell. She met him while working at a family branding, connected immediately, and married a few years later.

The loving duo is enjoying parenthood, raising two young sons, and living in Rancho San Julian. As her parents live close by, her kids grew up with their grandparents, which she expressed as a special thing.

Poett with her kids and husband. [Photo: Elizabeth Poett’s Instagram]

Jack Poett Campbell is Poett and Campbell’s older son, born in April 2011. He shares a little brother named Henry Hart Poett Campbell, whom they nicknamed Hank, who was born on August 14, 2014.

Poett and her husband continue to raise their kids with love and care.