Ellen Bacca’s Baby Recognizes Her on TV

Last Updated : February 14, 2024

Ellen Bacca with her husband and baby [Photo: Facebook/EllenBaccaWOODTV]

For Ellen Bacca, the year 2023 was full of amazing events. But most importantly, she welcomed her baby girl.

Bacca and her husband are raising their kid with immense love and care. Her child also seems to be growing up way too fast, and here’s why.

Shared an Adorable Video of Her Child’s Reaction

In January 2023, Bacca shared an adorable video of her baby’s reaction as she saw her on TV. Her kid had a cute squeal as she recognized her.

Bacca wrote in the caption, “She recognizes me!! If you need me I’ll be in a puddle on the floor.” The cute video had everyone in awe, and many penned heartwarming comments.

The little girl recognized her mama on TV. [Photo: Instagram]

For instance, one user wrote, “That is just priceless. And you have it on film too.” Another user exclaimed that the baby loved her mama and knew her anywhere.

Likewise, others also exclaimed that it was sweet and cute. One of them penned, “ecognizes and absolutely adores! I can’t stop listening to her coos.”

Bacca’s daughter seems to be growing up way too fast.

Pregnancy That Followed After a Miscarriage

In April 2023, Bacca revealed her pregnancy by sharing photos of an ultrasound and of herself holding her baby bump. She was excited to welcome the little one into the world, and her due date was September 1, 2023.

She stated that early tests and ultrasound showed the baby was healthy and growing fast. On her blog, As Ellen, Bacca divulged that it would have been her second child.

She stated that they had lost their first, a boy named Diggory, in the second trimester in June 2021. She and her husband were able to capture Diggory’s memory thanks to a non-profit called Memories From Monroe.

Bacca had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with her baby. [Photo: Instagram]

They preserved prints of his feet and hands after delivery by staff at the University of Michigan Metro Health-West. The miscarriage was painful, but she was eventually blessed with a baby.

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Visited Tracking Center One Week After Her Birth

Upon revealing about her pregnancy, Bacca often updated fans about her pregnancy. Finally, on the afternoon of September 8, she gave birth to her daughter, Piper Sunny, who was 7 pounds and 1 ounce at the time of birth.

Bacca shared the great news on her social media. She stated, “Welcome to the world Piper Sunny! It’s a wild one! But we will always, always, always be here for you as you make your way. You have already made our personal world so bright.”

In November 2023, Bacca’s daughter joined her during her evening forecast Thursday. It was Bacca’s first day back from maternity leave. She seemed content in her mama’s arm and appeared to be interested in all the colorful forecast graphics and pretty television lights.

Before her TV debut, Piper visited the Storm Team 8 Tracking Center when she was just one week old. She was cuddled by her mama’s fellow meteorologists Sara Flynn, Matt Kirkwood, and Blake Harms.

Well, it might be too soon to speculate if the little girl would follow in her mama’s footsteps, but who knows, Bacca might train her.

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Becca’s Husband Is a Pilot

Becca is happily married to her husband, Mark Lytle. However, not much has been divulged about their wedding details, including their relationship timeline.

Nevertheless, Bacca’s hubby is a pilot, and he’s even rebuilt an aircraft with his dad. She shared about it on her Facebook and expressed how proud she was.

Furthermore, Mark is the co-owner and pilot at Michigan Balloon Corporation. From a very young age, he was inclined towards hot air balloons, and eventually, aviation became his passion.

Becca’s spouse began with engineless gliders, and at the age of 17, he became a fixed-wing pilot. The couple is also active in the sports of ballooning and fixed-wing aircraft.