KOIN’s Emily Burris had a boyfriend, What Happened Now?

Last Updated : February 4, 2024

KOIN News Anchor EMILY BURRIS [Image: Instagram/emilyburris]

KOIN host Emily Burris never failed to share adventurous posts with her boyfriend. While she never tagged him, they appear to be having the best times of their lives.

However, Burris’s posts featuring her beau have decreased. This has raised curiosity among the netizens, and they wonder if things are well between the pair.

Burris’s Boyfriend Is a Mets Fan

In September 2019, Burris shared a photo with her beau and wrote, “Perks of having a boyfriend who has spring training in Florida… long weekend at the beach! I’ll see ya back in the northwest on Tuesday, hopefully looking a little more tan.”

In the comment section, one of her Facebook friends asked what team her boyfriend was a fan of. Then she replied that he was with the Mets Organization.

Emily Burris’s partner is a Mets fan. [Photo: Facebook]

Furthermore, she’d also shared the same post on her Twitter, and a guy named Zack Jones had reshared it. Likewise, she once retweeted a photo and captioned it, saying, “I can’t see a mess and not clean it!! Ask my boyfriend what it’s like to live with me…”

Zack Jones then replied with a tweet, saying, “Haha! Accurate.” Moreover, in December 2017, she posted a picture of a guy and a dog and wrote, “HBD to the second cutest dragon in this photo.”

In that post, too, Jones commented, saying, “Thanks, babes.” He has commented on her posts occasionally. Besides this banter, the truth of their relationship remains a mystery.

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Jones Is a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Burris’s partner has been involved with Taylor Morrison as a Real Estate Consultant/Agent since June 2022. He is currently the Sales Manager there. Before that, he worked as a Sales Agent at Agent Live 360.

Moreover, from February 2020 to June 2022, he was self-employed at the National Association of REALTORS, where he completed all required coursework for a CA Real Estate license, including an elective in property management.

As a professional athlete, Jones was involved with the Minnesota Twins from June 2012 to June 2018 and Hermosillo Naranjeros from October 2018 to July 2019. Prior to that, he worked as a Seasonal Sales Associate at Lululemon for five months from October 2015 to February 2016.

Moreover, having experienced professional athleticism for eight years, he was involved as a trainer at Absolute Flex Appeal. He shared some of his workout videos on his Instagram.

Talking about his education, Burris’s partner received his high school diploma in 2009 from Santa Teresa High School. Then, he enrolled at San Jose State University, from where he graduated in 2012 with a degree in Communications.

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Has Stopped Sharing His Photos

In September 2017, the KOIN host shared a picture with her beau for the first time. The couple had gone to Disney, and in the photo, he was giving her a piggyback.

She first shared a photo with her beau. [Photo: Instagram]

The duo traveled a lot, and in October 2017, she shared a snap from their time at EPCOT. She always longed to vacation with him.

For instance, she shared a throwback picture of them that they took while they were vacationing in Disney and wrote, “Exactly one month until I’m back with this kid vacationing in a place much less wholesome than Disney. #tbt”

However, since March 2018, Burris has posted little to nothing about him. Also, they no longer follow one another. Since neither of them has spoken anything about the matter, what’s going on between them remains a mystery.