Look At Eric Dowdle’s Net Worth And Divorce From His Wife

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

Painter Eric Dowdle [Photo: Facebook/DowdleFolkArt]

Eric Dowdle is a folk artist and painter from the United States. In addition, he is the founder of Dowdle Folk Art, where he transforms his paintings into puzzles.

Dowdle has sold over thirty million puzzles based on 400 pieces of his artwork. In addition, he hosted television and radio programs on the subject.

He also received various honors for his efforts. He comes from a family of diligent workers dedicated to God, family, and country.

Earnings From the Dowdle Folk Art

The painter sells beautiful art, personalized puzzles, and other items through his business, Dowdle Folk Art, and makes substantial earnings.

Furthermore, his artwork includes well-known locations from across the globe. As per a Santa Yenz Valley News article in 2014, his paintings of global capital and little towns were considered collector’s items and had price tags of up to $50,000.

As said before, he has made over 30 million puzzle sales since the company’s founding, which has helped him financially. Netizens can select from various designs in addition to their preferred vintage Disney animated characters.

Eric Dowdle earns a good amount of money from his company, Dowdle Folk Art [Source: Dowdle’s Facebook]

His Disney Folk art is available for $24.99, while classic puzzles are priced at $18.77 and are shipped globally. Thus, from all these earnings, he leads a pretty good life. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that he has a substantial fortune from his work.

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Divorced From His Wife of 2 Decades

Eric Dowdle and his wife, Deb Dowdle, have already separated. The couple were together for two decades and eventually parted ways.

The primary reason behind their dispute was his increased travel to other places after success, affecting their marriage.

The couple started to date before going to Santa Ynez in 1996, married three years later, and moved to Utah with their five children.

Eric Dowdle and his wife divorced after 20 years of togetherness [Source: Dowdle’s Instagram]

They resided in Lindon, Utah, on a picturesque farm with their own family and a smattering of farm animals near the Wasatch Mountains.

Dowdle and his spouse also traveled to several places and worked together. She was highly supportive and frequently assisted Eric with his work. They collaborated on various art events, and she was frequently present beside him.

Furthermore, his marriage with his beloved is not the only one, as he has been married three times. But the information about his former spouses remains a mystery.

Learn More About Dowdle’s Ex-wife

Dowdle’s former spouse is the executive director and founder of the nonprofit My Reinvented Life, which provides life coaching to those suffering cultural transitions.

She has over twenty-four years of training and coaching expertise. She is also concerned about empowering people via personal growth and cultural shifts.

Dowdle’s ex-life partner began her career at Jack Phillips Center for Research in February 1999 as a Sales and Marketing Specialist.

Deb stayed there for a year before joining the Franklin Covey Company. She held the title of Sales Specialized. She then joined Shipley Group as Assistant Director of Leadership and Communication in 2001. She went to the Gingerbread House Foundation after working for a year.

Eric Dowdle’s wife is a founder of My Reinvented Life [Source: Dowdle’s Instagram]

Deb was the Executive Director at the time. She joined The Navigational Leadership Group as Vice President in September 2006. She also worked as a Consultant, Facilitator, and Leadership Coach in the same organization.

Dowdle’s ex-lover also worked as a blog writer for Americana Art Enterprises. She then launched My Reinvented Life in October.

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He Is a Father of Five Children

The painter is the proud father of five children: Ryan James Thompson, Autumn Catherine Dowdle, Shawn David Thompson, Joey Hewes Dowdle, and Cody Reed Dowdle.

He has welcomed five kids with his ex-wife, Deb, who often visits him in his home along with their children. Furthermore, according to one of the sites, he had two children with one spouse and welcomed a third kid with his third wife around the 1990s.

Nevertheless, he loves to be at home and spend time with his children and grandchildren. Dowdle is a family man whose favorite place is his home.

The painter’s babies are all grown up now and have also welcomed a child with their partners.

Dowdle loves Spending Time With his Family

Dowdle has a big family now, and he loves to spend more time with his children and grandchildren. He also constantly shared his picture with them.

For instance, in June 2018, he posted a short video on his Instagram handle where he taught his grandson art lessons.

Just one year ago, in July 2022, his daughter, Autumn, welcomed a child. He shared the image from a hospital and stated that he is proud of his baby girl. She is the proud mother of four children.

Eric Dowdle’s daughter welcomed a child in 2022 [Source: Dowdle’s Instagram]

He always makes time for his grandkids from his busy life. He loves to walk in the Rocky Mountains with kids and grandkids.