Eric Persson Clapped Back At Twitter Bullies Attacking His Wife

Last Updated : November 25, 2023

Eric Persson

In February 2023, Eric Persson tweeted a photo with his wife. But that picture led to many trolling on her physical appearance. One of the comments said that her eyebrows were as thin as 1.8 mill all in.

So, Persson made sure to strike back in defense of his spouse against online trolls. This showed how supportive and protective husband he has been all these years.

Persson Responded Against Users for Their Trolls on His Wife

Eric Persson is not the type to stay silent against trolls against his wife, Ann. As noted earlier, he clapped back in defense with replies to those who chose to troll his spouse in one of his Twitter posts.

Moving forward, Persson replied to one of the users and penned, “Get off the sidelines of life. Go find a purpose, unless being a twitter troll is yours…”

Eric Persson tweeted a reply on the trollers. [Photo: Twitter]

Furthermore, the businessman also warned some trollers who commented on his partner’s physical looks. He stated that the words they had chosen may lead to violence in the real world.

In conclusion, Persson doesn’t hold back whenever someone badmouths his better half. It shows his love toward her by any means, whether defending the trollers or admiring her for being by his side.

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Has Shared Two Kids With His Wife

Eric Persson is a responsible parent of two kids, Maverick and Ace, whom he welcomed with his spouse, Ann. Nonetheless, he is a loving father and usually spares time to spend with them.

Furthermore, Persson’s sons have also done philanthropic work through his foundation, Maverick Cares. They handed out thousands of backpacks with the food and supplies children needed in summer.

Eric Perrson’s kids, Maverick and Ace. [Photo: Eric Perrson’s Twitter]

In addition, Persson’s spouse is Korean, and people were amazed to know that. He mentions his kids often on his social media account.

Maverick Gaming company, founded by Persson in 2017, is named after his oldest son, Maverick. Also, a Twitter user noted that his latest Dragon Tiger Noodle Co., which opened in Vegas, had a logo design that the user thought was the potential crossover of Dragon Tiger Poker Hats.

Eric revealed that he had Dragon Tiger Casinos, and their poker was branded Ace’s Poker for his son, Ace.

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Persson Is the Father of Two More Kids

Eric Persson shares a daughter named Anjelinna Faythe, possibly from his former relationship. She was born in 2001, and her birthday falls on December 18 yearly.

In addition, Persson’s daughter is a self-taught painter passionate about capturing life’s essence through her vibrant and expressive paintings. She is inspired by artists like Romero Britto, Keith Haring, and Peter Max.

Faythe completed her K-12 education in Las Vegas, Nevada. After high school graduation, she moved to Miami, Florida, and didn’t attend a university after high school.

Eric Persson’s daughter, Anjelinna Faythe. [Photo: Anjelinna Faythe’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the businessman’s daughter sells her paintings on her official online shop. She also sells painting stickers of famous artists like Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, and other artworks.

Through his art and interaction, the beautiful lady strives to impact the world and her community positively. In addition to painting, she is a digital creator and creates content on YouTube and other platforms.

Moving forward, Persson also shares a son named Mickey, who grew up in Topeka, Kansas. He occasionally uploads about him on his Twitter handle, and his further details remain vague.

In conclusion, Eric Persson is doing justice to his role as a responsible father and a loving husband. He loves his family unconditionally and finds him undefeated as long as his family is by his side.