Inside ESPN’s Kendra Andrews’ Age, Relationship and Family

Last Updated : March 26, 2023


Kendra Andrews is a journalist and reporter who primarily covers basketball. She has worked for various media outlets such as The Athletic, ESPN, and Bleacher Report and has covered the NBA, WNBA, and college basketball.

Birth Date, Ethnicity, And Nationality

Kendra Andrews, the talented sports journalist, was born in vibrant Oakland, California, on October 20th, 1997. As an American national, she proudly represents the country as an accomplished professional in the sports media, and her ethnicity is African-American.

Currently, the reporter calls the iconic city of San Francisco home. Known for its rich cultural heritage, scenic landmarks, and dynamic sports scene.

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Parents And Inspiring Sister Malika Andrews

Kendra Andrews’ parents, Mike and Caren Andrews are her family’s foundation. Their love and support have been instrumental in her success as a sports journalist and ESPN reporter. She frequently shares photos of her family on social media.

Kendra Andrews with her Family [Pic: Instagram]

One of Kendra’s most significant sources of support is her sister, Malika Andrews, a sports journalist at ESPN. The two sisters have been thriving in sports journalism, and Kendra often takes to social media to share her admiration for her sister’s work. Malika’s journey to ESPN has been impressive, having worked at major news outlets such as The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Her family is a huge source of inspiration for her.

Education Highlight

The talented journalist went to Gonzaga University from 2015 to 2019 and studied Journalism. At Gonzaga, she learned to be a good storyteller and advocate for athletes and sports fans. She got an internship at The Washington Post, a big deal that shaped her to this height of success.

Who is Kendra Andrews Dating?

Despite rising success as an ESPN reporter, Andrews has managed to keep her personal life under wraps. While some may speculate about her relationship status, there is no publically announcement regarding her married or any boyfriend from the reporter. Regardless of her personal life, she continues to captivate audiences with her sharp reporting and insightful analysis, cementing her place as a rising star in sports journalism.

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Kendra Andrews To The ESPN

Kendra Andrews’ parents, Mike and Caren Andrews, are her family’s foundation. Their love and support have been instrumental in her success as a sports journalist and ESPN reporter. She frequently shares photos of her family on social media.

Kendra Andrew interviewing at 2022 NBA Japan Games [Photo: Instagram]

The well-renowned journalist not only contributes to ESPN television’s various platforms like NBA Today and SportsCenter but also writes for the company. Apart from that, she also co-hosts the “DUbs Talk” podcast. After joining her sister in ESPN, Kendra said beautiful lines;

“I’m excited and so grateful to be joining ESPN and this talented team of journalists; growing up in Oakland, I understand how important the Warriors and the NBA are to the Bay Area. I’m looking forward to sharing their stories as they continue an already thrilling season.”

The reporter’s hard work and dedication have paid off, and now she’s reporting for one of the biggest names in sports media.

Height of The Journalist Kendra

According to sources, Kendra Andrews stands at an impressive 5 feet 8 inches tall. This may give her a commanding presence in her professional life as she interviews top athletes and covers high-profile games.

Kendra is a confident young lady who always takes stands confidence and continues to inspire many people to do things they love.