Star Kid Flynn Timothy Stocklin Facts- Wiki, Birthday, Father, Mother, Sister, Hair Color

Last Updated : April 2, 2023

Who is Flynn Timothy Stocklin?

Flynn Timothy Stocklin is the first-born son of Colleen Ballinger and Eric Stocklin. The star child got fame very early in life as his mother posted his birth video, with over 10 million views on YouTube.

It got so famous because it defied all odds as Colleen took time to look good to deliver after her water broke then to rush to the hospital.

Being the first son of a popular YouTuber at a very young age, Flynn has a big fanbase because of his cuteness. Stocklin’s name reflects both his parents’ history.

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How Old is Flynn Timothy Stocklin?

Flynn Timothy Stocklin was born on 10 December 2018. He just recently turned five years old in 2023. Moreover, Stocklin’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Flynn is American. However, his ethnicity and religion of practice aren’t known.

Flynn Timothy Parents and Education Details

Stocklin is the first son of the YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, more famously known as ‘Miranda Sings,’ and Erik Stocklin. Colleen and Erik married only after the birth of their son in 2018.

The YouTuber announced her pregnancy and engagement in June of 2018. However, the rumors of Flynn’s parents getting engaged had surfaced long before the announcement.

Stocklin’s mother was married to YouTuber Joshua David Evans, but their marriage didn’t last, so they divorced in 2016.

Flynn With His Parents
Flynn With His Parents (Sources: Instagram)

Flynn’s full name is very special to his parents. ‘ Flynn’ was derived from Erik’s and his father’s middle name. The star kid’s middle name comes from Colleen’s father’s name.

When Colleen was about to give birth, Erik took out a pin they had bought in Ireland with Flynn written on it, which they thought was a sign.

Flynn has two younger twin sisters, Wesley Koy Stocklin and Maisy Joanne Stocklin, born in November 2021.

Stocklin is currently too young to go to school. He hasn’t begun his educational journey yet but will soon be having his first school day.

Flynn Timothy Stocklin Career

The celebrity child doesn’t have such a career as he is three years old. However, he has been in many videos on his mother’s vlogging channel,’ Colleen Vlogs.’

His appearances in her videos have made people love him dearly. Likewise, Flynn also often appears in the channel Ballinger Family,’ which has helped the channel gain many subscribers.

The star child doesn’t have a definite career, but we hope to have a great and bright future ahead. He will probably continue to be on YouTube as most of his family are a part of it.

How Much Does Flynn Timothy Stocklin Make?

As the star kid is very young and hasn’t started working, his net worth hasn’t been estimated. However, we know much net worth his parents hold.

His father, Eric, has accumulated $800 thousand in assets, while with YouTube, Colleen has a net worth of over $8 million.

Flynn Timothy Stocklin Appearance

Stocklin is a very cute child. His face is very much adorable. He has blonde hair and shiny eyes that elevate his level of cuteness.


Flynn Timothy Stocklin 5 Quick Facts:

  • Flynn was born 3 weeks before his due date.
  • Until his parents decided on a name for him, Flynn was called Bunny.
  • Flynn was Erik’s Irish great- great-great-great-grandfather’s surname.
  • Colleen appeared in Ariana Grande’s music video while being pregnant with Flynn.
  • The star kid has a couple of fan pages on Twitter and Instagram.