Facts About Trader Gareth Soloway’s Net Worth And Wife

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

CFO of InTheMoneyStocks and Master Trader Gareth Soloway [Photo: YouTube/@GarethSolowayProTrader]

Gareth Soloway is famous as a trader who has been helping tens of thousands of people navigate the complexities of trading. He also has a YouTube channel where he creates content about it.

Moreover, Soloway is a pro trader with over 20 years of experience. Here are the details you seek to learn about his net worth.

Income and Earnings as a Trader

Gareth Soloway has been a chief market strategist at Verified Investing since January 2020. Also, he has been president and chief financial officer at InTheMoneyStocks.com since January 2007.

According to Glassdoor, a chief market strategist’s yearly earnings range from $203K to $353K. Soloway must earn similar or even more based on his long-term work experience.

Soloway is a trading specialist. [Photo: Soloway’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the trader earns a decent amount from his YouTube channel through an ad program. He makes $ 276 to $4.4K monthly to $3.3 K to $53K yearly through YouTube per SocialBlade.

Although he has a busy work schedule, he spares time to spend his comfortable life. Soloway once went on a Dubai trip and did various fun activities with a friend, such as an incredible dinner in SĀN Beach.

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Gareth Soloway Is His Wife’s Favorite Person

Soloway enjoys a blissful marital life with his wife, Sarah Soloway. Likewise, he is lucky to find a partner who cites that he is her favorite person worldwide if she had to pick one.

Soloway with his loving wife. [Photo: Sarah Soloway’s Instagram]

Moreover, the most treasured jewelry of Soloway’s wife is the engagement ring he gave. The gorgeous lady has only words filled with admiration and appreciation for him.

In Sarah’s eyes, Soloway is the most amazing, supportive, motivating, and loving husband she could ever ask for. He is the only one for her, and she couldn’t ask for a better partner to share the love.

Speaking of his wife, she is a nutritionist and nurse by profession. Likewise, she also devotes herself to taking care of him.

Soloway’s Wife Is a Registered Nurse

Sarah Soloway is a registered nurse who loves sunshine, exercise, and good food. She also runs Fitness Fun Wellness.

Moreover, Sarah graduated from her nursing program with her BSN at Concordia University in April 2020.

Sarah Soloway is a fitness lover. [Photo: Sarah Soloway’s Instagram]

Soloway’s spouse is a fitness lover who has also competed for Miss Health & Fitness. Other than her husband, Srah’s Instagram feed is full of her fitness journey and stuff related to wellness posts.

Furthermore, his partner was excited to meet their little girl at their last birthing class. It was a memorable moment as she painted her belly with several drawings, such as the tree of life representing the placenta.

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Is a Loving Father to His Kids

Gareth Soloway and his better half are experiencing parenthood and raising their kids. Unfortunately, the number of children they gave birth to remains a mystery, but they welcomed one of their little girls in early September 2017.

Soloway’s lover never tried to hide her pregnancy and used to update it to the fans through Instagram. She shared her pregnancy photos with lovely captions throughout her pregnancy journey.

Gareth Soloway and his wife are a loving parents. [Photo: Sarah Soloway’s Instagram]

It’s not a surprise for his fans that he sought to plan on teaching trading to his daughter at an early age. Some may be curious whether she will follow in his footsteps or choose a different career.

Furthermore, Soloway wants to teach his daughter to do the right thing. Considering his dedication to fathering, he is a responsible and caring father to his children.

Instagram Is Filled With Trade-Related Posts

Soloway doesn’t share much about his family life on his Instagram, but his beloved does at times. His social handle is mostly full of work-related posts rather than family.

He does care about his family but prefers to use social platforms to educate people. Soloway gives information on the stock market and trading analysis through his Instagram reels.

In conclusion, Soloway has balanced his professional and family life successfully. With his years of experience in trading, he wants to help people through his knowledge, educating them about the stock market and trading.