Does Gavin Mayo’s Net Worth Make Him the Youngest Billionaire?

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Hedge Fund Manager and Founder of Earn Financial Gavin Mayo [Photo: Instagram/mayo]

Gavin Mayo receiving success at such a young age is fascinating and astounding. He is the owner of several business ventures and also the Hedge Fund Manager.

Furthermore, Mayo lives lavishly and has made an admirable net worth. Let’s explore the details behind his massive wealth.

Mayo Became a Millionaire at the Age of 21

Gain Mayo has claimed that he is the youngest billionaire in the world. Moreover, he also cited having a net worth of above $1 billion in one podcast session.

Furthermore, Mayo earned the title of a millionaire at 21. The businessman has also retired his parents and cared for his close friends at this young age, which is admirable.

In addition, Mayo once spent $500K on a village in Europe. Also, he doesn’t back down on buying expensive accessories, such as a lighter worth $7000.

Netizens have indeed witnessed Mayo’s luxurious life through his social media handle. He owns an elegant Rolex watch and a luxury Lamborgini worth over $450K.

Similarly, Mayo reasons Rolex is the reason he became rich and successful.

Gavin Mayo and his luxurious Lamborgini. [Photo: Gavin Mayo’s Instagram]

Moreover, Mayo once featured a tiger on his Twitter, which he possibly bought for $500K. Overall, he continues to earn massive amounts of money and enjoy his extravagant life.

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Secret Behind His Massive Net Worth

Gavin Mayo initially used to teach people about crypto and stocks, which was $20 for a month. He and his team used to make a couple of $100K per month as a few thousand people used to take their course.

Then Mayo shifted toward Web 3, doing a bunch of stuff there, and currently, he is mainly focused on trading. Moreover, crypto also falls among his primary sources of income & and he often cites it on his social handle.

Likewise, Mayo deals with private equity and owning hedge funds. However, he generates most of the revenue from trading and has perfected it as he has been doing it since the age of 13.

Gavin Mayo is a multi-millionaire. [Photo: Gavin Mayo’s Instagram]

Mayo is not keeping his secret of becoming a millionaire to himself and shares the magic behind it on his social handles. He used to post videos about crypto and stock on his TikTok account.

Furthermore, he owns One Percent, a space for people to learn from multi-millionaire people. Mayo uploads educational content on his YouTube, where he gives tips on becoming a millionaire and more.

Also, some have reported Mayo has a net worth of $837 million. Nonetheless, there is no proof due to a lack of concrete evidence, and he also cited his worth over a billion.

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Turning NFTs Into Multi-Million

Gavin Mayo has fully utilized the digitalization era to make tons of money. The millionaire once shared on his social media account that he made $10.2 million from NFTs in a single day.

Gavin Mayo shared a Tweet. [Photo: Twitter]

Likewise, Mayo once turned his $1800 to $1.4m on $Pepe, which is business as usual for him.

In addition to being an investor in Crypto and trading, he is also an investor and talker of Bitcoin. Mayo noted that Bitcoin is constructed so beautifully that no single person got to take a high-stakes position.

Furthermore, Mayo also motivates people, and money is not the only thing he cares for. He shares his information on becoming productive and other stuff like curing depression.

In conclusion, Mayo has worked hard to become wealthy and successful. He continues to add money to his net worth and cites to do a lot of charity-type stuff in the future.